Pedicure: Relaxes Tired Feet

Feet are our support and they help us to stand, walk and run. Our feet get tired and exhausted with long day of work. Feet carry five times our body weight. We often tend to neglect feet when we perform our daily beauty regime.

If you pamper your feet with little gentle care, your whole body will get energized and you will be ready to face the world with yet another fast run. Pedicure is that procedure which gives your feet a soft care with gentle touch. Apart from energizing your feet, pedicure will make them beautiful.

What is Pedicure?

Pedicure is a complete foot care. It is like pampering feet; feet are cleansed, massaged, toenails are shaped and painted! It is complete makeover for feet. It improves the overall health of the feet. You can do a pedicure yourself at home but if you can go to a professional pedicurist once a week, it will be great for the health of your feet. In this procedure feet are soaked in lukewarm soapy water and then scrubbed, massaged gently with a nourishing foot cream, toenails are shaped and nail polish is applied.

Advantages of Pedicure:

A pedicure relaxes not only your foot but entire body. It is a luxurious experience. You can help treat many foot problems like ingrown nails, calluses, toe infections etc. Scrubbing and massaging of foot skin, treats cracks in heels. It improves and increases blood circulation. During foot massage, pressure points of whole body are massaged and give relaxation to body. It relieves any pain in foot and legs because of regular massage. Skin becomes soft and glowing by scrubbing and massage by moisturizing cream. Scrubbing removes dead cells.

Procedure of Pedicure:

Whole procedure of pedicure won’t take more than 30 minutes and get beautiful feet. Here are some simple steps to be taken for doing a pedicure at home.

Things and Supplies you need to do Pedicure:

You will need tools like nail cutter, nail filer, cuticle pusher, cuticle cutter, pumice stone, orange stick, basin, foot scraper. Other materials you need are Epsom salts, liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, moisturising lotion, cuticle remove, lukewarm water and nail polish.

Steps of Pedicure :

First remove old and chipped nail polish from your toenails using a cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover.

Then take lukewarm water and mix soap in that. Make sure that whole feet are dipped thoroughly including toenails. Now soak your feet for few minutes and then pat it dry.

Now cut nails of your toe using nail cutter and file them straight across. Filing is must to smoothen rough edges.

After that apply a cuticle cream on and massage into cuticles with a tipped orange stick, in circular motion.

Clean the foot by using pumice stone, nailbrush and foot scrapper. It removes dirt, grease and dead skin.

Then again soak your feet in water.

Now apply a nourishing foot cream on the foot up to ankle to moisturise skin of feet. Give good foot massage with this moisturising lotion.

Dust little medicated talc powder between your toes to make them completely dry.

Now apply base coat and after it gets dry, apply nail polish as second coat. In the end apply topcoat.

After nail polish is done, use orange stick to remove all the traces of nail polish on skin.

Some Tips for Foot care:

You should wash your feet regularly to prevent any kind of fungal infection.

Keep your feet dry and especially take care that toes are dry.

To keep infections at bay apply anti-perspirants, refreshing foot sprays if you wear closed footwear all the day.

Socks you wear should be of cotton fiber.

Shoes and footwear you use should be of correct fitting.

Once week, try to exfoliate your feet to remove dead skin.

Keep your pedicure tools clean to avoid breeding of germs and bacteria.

To avoid growth of ingrown nails, cut your toenails straight across.

Try to wear footwear which lets your feet breathe. Also alternate your shoes because shoes become moist due to perspiration in feet; let it dry.

Foot massage is best way to relax not only feet but whole body.

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