Dry Skin

Dry Skin: Symptoms, causes and treatment

Dry skin appears rough and scaly. It lacks capacity to attract and retain moisture. It has low level of production of sebum. It looks rough because of its inability to retain moisture. Dry skin is prone to sensitivity. After you wash the skin, it looks tight and uncomfortable. To lessen that tightness, application of cream or lotion is very essential. The general signs of dry skin are chapping, cracking and dehydration. Dry skin gives dull appearance. Skin of cheeks and around eyes especially gives parched appearance. Dry skin has tendency of getting premature wrinkles. Tiny fine lines of wrinkles appear near eyes and around mouth.

Causes of Dryness:

There are many causes of dryness. Dryness of skin is aggravated by extreme changes in temperature, wind and air-conditioning.

The most essential cause of getting skin is that sebaceous glands are not able to supply desired level of lubrication.

It may be dry due to heredity.

Weather conditions like dry cold air also make the skin dry.

Poor diet also contributes to dry skin condition. Deficiencies of vitamin A and vitamin B are some cause of dry skin.

Environmental conditions like wind, sun rays, chemicals, excessive bathing with harsh soaps are the cause of dry skin.

Some skin conditions like dermatitis, seborrhea, psoriasis and some diseases like diabetes are also the cause of dry skin.

Dry Skin care:

Dry skin is a condition which cannot be cured but you can take care of dry skin very well. You can keep it healthy and moist by including some simple measures in your routine.

The first and foremost rule about dry skin care is keep it moisturised. Moisturize your dry skin many times a day, especially, after washing and bathing. Layer of moisturizer on skin, make a barrier and prevent moisture to escape from the skin. For dry skin, thicker moisturizers are recommended. You can apply pure oils like coconut oil, shea butter, baby oil and many more immediately after bath. Oil has more binding capacity on the skin and retains water to the skin.

Never use very hot water for bathing rather use lukewarm water. Another important care is to cut your bath time. Spending more time in water for bathing makes the skin drier. Limit your bathing time to maximum 15 minutes.

People with dry skin should not use, harsh bathing soaps and detergents for washing and bathing; instead use gentle and mild skin cleansers. You can use gentle shower gels having moisturizers added in them. There are soaps with added oils like Dove, Neutrogena etc. Avoid using antibacterial detergents and deodorants which are harsh.

After bathing, do not rub your skin with towel to dry it rather pat dry it. It leaves some moisture on the skin. After that immediately apply oil or cream.

If you are constantly staying in hot and dry air, which worsens the condition of dry skin, use a humidifier. Dry air increases flaking and itching on the skin.

When you choose cloths, select the fabric which suits your skin and let it breathe. Silk and cotton are such fabrics. Use less fragrant detergents to wash your cloths.

Perfumes and dyes can irritate sensitive skin.

Avoid use of tap water for bathing as deposits in water are too drying for the skin. Spray your face with mineral water mist to keep it moist.

Some Other Tips for Dry Skin Care:

 Taking a milk bath, once a week, gives very wonderful results for drying skin. It smoothens and nourishes the skin. For this, mix 250 gm of milk powder in your warm bath water and add to it ½ tbsp of almond oil and few drops of essential oils. Have a relaxing bath in this wonder bath water.

For chapped, cracked or peeling lips, prepare a lip balm. Take little cream of milk; add to it few drops of rose water and lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients very well and apply it at night before bed time.

Diet for Dry Skin:

For dry skin, take a wholesome diet which includes vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and grains. Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables. To keep skin young and smooth, eat things like garlic and vegetable which have high sulphur content. Drink plenty of water daily to keep the skin hydrated.

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