5 Cancer-Causing Foods That You Must Avoid

Cancer-Causing Foods That You Must Take Care To Avoid

One of the biggest bewilderment of cancer is that the disease which causes millions of deaths of worldwide has its fundamental basis in one simple rule – To spread and invade. The cancerous cells spread at an alarming rate and in many instances paves way for other ailments to hit the body. There are an estimated 200 kinds of cancer and the risk factor depends on the type of cancer you have got. The chance of getting cancer is also directly related to both internal and external factors. While we cannot possibly control internal factors we can to an extent control the external features. These include avoiding smoking and drinking in moderation and in maintaining an active lifestyle. In some cases, cancerous cells do develop or form the basis from the foods that we eat. No, it is not a onetime case where you eat these foods once and you get the infections. However, eating these types of foods frequently or falling addict to them increases the chances of cancer and tumor cells. Yes, you guessed it correct- most of these are processed foods. Stay away from these foods as much as possible and in case you are to entertain them, do them rarely. We have listed out some foods that can cause cancer. Try refraining from them.

Here Are Some Cancer-Causing Foods That You Must Take Care To Avoid:

1. Popcorn (Microwaved)

While no good movie is ever complete without a bowl of popcorn, it makes sense to understand the method by which we make them. Popcorn’s are a definite yes when they are made in the good old fashioned way, but with the advent of microwave popcorn, more people are getting weaned towards it. These popcorn types are loaded with preservatives and in some cases has soybean oil as its ingredients, which is not good for health. These preservatives can increase the chances of cancer and it would be wise to make popcorn’s in regular air popper way.

 Popcorn (Microwaved)

2. Hydrogenated Oil

Hydrogenated oils are in a way extracts of vegetable oil. Though the oil is edible, hydrogenated oil goes through various layers and processes to alter the taste and smell. The shell life gets increased, but it comes at a cost. They are increased with unnatural omega 6 fatty acids and though this is good in small quantities, large scale consumption are known to trigger cancer symptoms. They also contain trans-fat which is a strict no for your health. Avoid these oils at all cost. Instead, opt for the healthier types of oil such as coconut or virgin olive oil.

 Hydrogenated Oil

3. Canned Foods

Canned foods in many ways are a blessing in disguise. They are easy to handle and has a good shelf life. In many cases, we prefer canned foods as we can enjoy our beloved vegetables at any time of the year. Of course, this itinerary makes way for the foods to be coated with special chemical and substances to retain their life. This is especially true for canned tomatoes. Their inner walls are lined with a BPA agent that can hamper our endocrine system. They also obstruct the hormones generally and give rise to the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and several other infertility disorders. Use canned foods very rarely and switch to organic vegetables for reducing the cancer risks.

Canned Foods

4. Artificial Sweeteners

We have seen cases of people worship artificial sweeteners claiming how they are able to satisfy their sweet tooth without the usual disadvantages of sugar. The catch is that many people are not aware that such artificial sweeteners or refined sugar cause more harm than good and they smoothen the spread of cancerous cells in your body. They also boost your insulin level in many cases and taking them frequently are more hazardous to health. In many instances, doctors advise us against taking such sweeteners, no matter what the manufacturer’s claim is. Try to switch to natural sweeteners like jaggery or in best cases honey to sweeten up a dish. Try avoiding such fructose laden sweeteners as much as possible.

 Artificial Sweeteners

5. Processed Meat

Processed meats have high preservative contents in them. They are also loaded with excess salt to maintain its crust life and having a high intake of salt is not good for your health. It is always advisable to cook the meat before consuming and to switch over to organic farm fed meats. Also, try to avoid red meats like ham and bacon as they can increase the chances of colon cancer. Consume them sparingly and go for lean meats like fish, squids over such red meats on any day. They are also safe and nutritious too.

 Processed Meat

Apart from the above try to avoid refined flour and any food item that is refined. Also, do away with fried potato chips. Instead, opt for baked potato fries and also stay from smoked foods. Use Pickles sparingly and not as a routine even though they are good taste enhancers.

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