5 Signs That You Do Not Take Enough Protein In Your Body

Signs That You Do Not Take Enough Protein In Your Body


In my childhood days, I vividly remember my text book containing scores of details about protein. It explained in detail as to how protein is good for health and which foods were rich in proteins. It was almost made in such a way that I believed for a brief extent that our body needs only protein. Can’t blame me! But nevertheless, Protein is an important and essential mineral needed by our body for its well being. Lack of protein can bring about a sack load of ailments on its own. It is essentially the building blocks of the body and is beneficial for almost every organ in our system. An average healthy adult needs about 50 to 60 grams of protein in a day. You may get these easily enough from supplements but still, that would not make the desired impact you get – when you get it from the foods you eat. The uniqueness of protein is that our body has no medium to store protein. Once the protein is broken down and transferred to the necessary functions, the rest of the protein turns up into amino acids. Due to this, protein intake is a must on a day to day basis. Protein can be in a way termed as the fuel of your body. Hence a lack of it can over burden your system and they might not work to their capacity. Protein deficiency sends out enough warning symptoms every now and then and it would be safe to take note of them and accordingly balance our protein intake. We have listed out a few basic symptoms that protein deficiency sends out.

Here Are Some Signs That Show You Do Not Take Enough Protein In Your Body:

1. Hair Loss

Let us start from the basics. You might be aware of the component called as keratin that is needed for a robust hair. Actually, Keratin is a type of protein and lack of it can have a huge impact on the health of your hair. Your individual strands of hair can turn brittle and the hair follicles may fail to produce new hair growth. Protein is also needed by your scalp and irrespective of giving it the moisturizing solution they may remain the same way if it lacks protein from inside. Take care of your hair health and increase your protein levels if you notice such conditions.

Hair Loss

2. Muscle Spasms

As we stated earlier, proteins are the building blocks of your human body. The same applies to even your muscles and lack of it can cause muscle weakness or muscle spasms. In many cases, lack of protein can also lead to loss of muscles. This is especially more visible among men. Protein is also needed to absorb other necessary nutrients like iron, magnesium, and calcium. Low protein levels can also indirectly affect them too. Check out for these signs and go for natural foods that are loaded with proteins instead of protein supplements.

Muscle Spasms

3. Food Cravings

Believe it or not, protein keeps your hunger pangs in check by controlling your food cravings. Hunger mainly strikes when your body is eating less or if it is not eating the right foods – foods which may be high in sugar and carbohydrates. This does not release the necessary nutrients needed by the body for its activities. Also, protein digestion is longer. This makes your body more active and does not give a sense that it needs more food, thus indirectly curbing the hunger pangs. Though this is not a serious symptom, give it its due attention as food cravings for a longer duration can signify low protein levels in your body.

 Food Cravings

4. Fluid Buildup

The blood arteries have enough water and sodium content in it and when there is an excess it can seep into the tissues. Protein acts as a barrier against this and ensures that water content does not get accumulated in the tissues. Naturally, lack of protein can make this process go haywire and can cause the fluids to get passed onto the tissues. This results in a fluid buildup or edema. This is especially more visible in your legs and ankles. They can make you weak and you would be unable to be very active due to fluid retention. Check out for these signs periodically.

 Fluid Buildup

5. Brittle Nails

In case you wonder nails are just external organs and do not require any additional supplements for growth, then think again! Nails are a product of your skin and in many ways, they too demand nutrients for its robustness. Protein is one such requirement. Poor protein count in your body can make your nails brittle and they can be prone to breakage. They would also be prone to infections and can bleed internally. Even the presence of white spots can be a factor that there is a poor protein in the body. Do look out for these signs and up your protein intake.

Brittle Nails

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