Causes Of Headache During Pregnancy

Causes Of Headache During Pregnancy

Causes Of Headache During Pregnancy

A headache may occur anytime during pregnancy but the majority of headaches happen during the first and third trimester. Increase of a headache during pregnancy in the first trimester is believed to be caused by the surge of hormones along with an increase in blood volume circulating around your body. Headaches are aggravated by stress, poor posture or change in vision. Other causes in the first trimester of a headache during pregnancy can be lack of sleep, stress, low blood sugar, dehydration or caffeine withdrawal.


Headache during the third trimester are triggered by poor posture or tension from carrying the additional weight. The presence of high blood pressure called preelclampsia in pregnant women cause third trimester headaches. Throughout the pregnancy you should practice good posture. Get plenty of rest and relaxation, plenty of exercise and eat well-balanced meals.

Preelclampsia In Pregnant Women

During pregnancy when you get a headache get relief with natural treatments and remedies. Natural treatments for a headache during pregnancy include eating meals on time, making sure meals are well-balanced with correct nutrients. Try breathing exercises done slowly to help you unwind. If you are feeling pain in your head try lying down in a cool dark room and shut your eyes. Taking a nap is not a bad thing. Have a cup of hot tea with honey or a couple drops of peppermint oil to calm you. Apply a couple drops of peppermint oil with a cotton ball to tour forehead.

Balanced Diet

Another treatment is to take one teaspoon of sandalwood powder with plain water enough to make a paste. Apply the paste to your forehead. Another variation of paste would be one teaspoon each of clove, cinnamon and almond power; Grind together with just enough water to make a paste.

Cold Compress

Apply to forehead. For a sinus headache use a warm compress around the eyes and nose. For a tension headache use a cold compress or ice pack at the base of the neck. Maintain your blood pressure by eating smaller frequent meals. Get a massage for the shoulder and neck area to relieve pain.

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