12 Effective Home Remedies For Irritability

We all have felt irritable at some point in our lives. Work related stress, personal problems, pregnancy and PMS could leave you feeling irritable and anxious. Mild to moderate irritability is temporary and eases off on its own.


Chronic irritability and moodiness, however, should not be ignored but should be taken into cognisance and given due merit. There are a plethora of medicines to tackle general irritability but some natural and simple home remedies can help to dissipate irritability without any unusual side effects.

Natural Home Remedies For Irritability


A cup of tea can be very soothing and relaxing. That is because tea contains natural compounds and relaxing agents that help to calm a troubled mind. Have a herbal tea with some chopped basil leaves or a dash of ginger. Both ginger and basil have innumerable health benefits besides putting you in a good and positive mood.

You can also try some chamomile tea. It has high levels of antioxidants, which remove free radicals from the body and help to calm tensed and knotted muscles of the body. You can purchase readymade tea bags of chamomile or pick up fresh chamomile leaves from a reputed nursery. Fresh leaves will enable you to brew a refreshing cup of tea.


Vitamin B

Chronic lethargy and irritability has been associated with a deficiency of the important B Vitamins, which are essential for mood stability. Instead of going in for medical supplements, try taking these crucial vitamins in the form of nourishing food like bananas, beans and whole grains which are chocker block full of B Vitamins. A healthy intake of B Vitamins will reduce irritability and keep your moods at an even keel.

vitamin B

Valerian Root

More often than not irritability occurs when the mind is tired and fatigued. Lack of sleep can put you into a near constant state of irritability. In such cases, the valerian root comes to the rescue.

Valerian not only induces good quality sleep but also reduces the time it takes you to reach your REM phase of sleep. Consume 450 Gms of valerian root along with water before you hit the bed every night. This will give you the sound sleep that you require.

Valerian Root

Get Rest

Pure fatigue and exhaustion can wear us out and cause us to be grumpy and unhappy. It is important to take a break from whatever you are doing and allow your body to heal, recover and recuperate. Hours of slogging on an important deadline can leave your brain fatigued. Take frequent breaks of rest and catch up on some sleep and relaxation. Just sitting in a quiet corner with a cup of tea and a good book can be very relaxing and mentally stimulating.


Join A Hobby

This is especially true for at home moms who can be tied down by the rigmarole of looking after their homes and their children. It is important for women in particular to take out time for themselves and join a hobby class in an area that they like and enjoy. This gives a lot of mental peace and satisfaction and reduces irritability.

hobby classes

Join A Gym Or Aerobics Class

Being obese and overweight can play havoc with your health leaving you feeling listless, low on energy and irritable. Getting exercise, however, will put you in a good mood.

Join a gym where you not only get to exercise and lose weight but also meet interesting and new people. The weight loss will also boost your confidence and put you in a happy mood. You can try aerobics or any form of exercise that you enjoy.


Meditation Or Yoga

Yoga and meditation are now being universally practiced and recommended by people from all walks of life. Celebrities vouch for its fitness benefits and the mental calm that it gives. Yoga also promotes body toning. Try yoga and meditation especially if you have trouble concentrating and are very nervous.



The herb hawthorn is said to be very good for high blood pressure and heart troubles. However, it is also renowned for the mental well being that it promotes. It does a lot of good and is free from various side effects. Do consult a doctor if you suffer from high blood pressure though.


A Good Head And Body Massage

A regular head and body massage at home or at the spa will do you a world of good. A massage helps to diminish muscle soreness, muscle pain, and make you feel good physically and mentally. You can try a massage package at a spa, which offers some of the best massage services.


Good Diet

Not eating your meals on time or skipping breakfast triggers extreme hunger pangs and naturally makes you feel irritable. In order to prevent this, make sure you always eat a light but hearty breakfast. This gives you energy throughout the day.

You should also make it a point to eat regularly every 3-4 hours. This will keep you blood sugar at an even keel and prevent it from dipping too low. Eat a diet that is balanced with the right mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet regulates various functions of the body leaving you feeling happier and more cheerful.


Take Vacations

Nothing rejuvenates the spirit more than an idyllic vacation taken with near and dear ones. Make it a point to take an annual vacation with your family to a destination that you enjoy going to. This will lift your spirits and put you in a more positive frame of mind.


Talk To Someone

It is also important to talk to someone you are close to and someone who you can confide in. Lessening your burden will make you less snappy and irritable. It will also give you a refreshing perspective into your own sorrows.

Irritability and listlessness is blessedly temporary. In fact, with the help of these home remedies and natural tips we all can bring it under our control to lead more vivacious and happy lives.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.