Effects Of Steroids And Heart Problems

SteroidsSteroids are more of dangerous drugs, when consumed inappropriately and used for prolonged periods. Steroids may cause long lasting, severe and irreversible health damages. Prolonged usages of steroids stunt the growth in children, alter sexual function in men and develop masculine characteristics in women. Anabolic steroids may cause kidney failure, liver damage, psychiatric problems, premature heart diseases or strokes.

For inject able steroids, risks get compounded with high probability of contracting hepatitis or HIV disease. High dosages of steroids (glucocorticoids) are known to be associated with elevated risk of several heart diseases (cardiovascular disease) like heart failure, heart attack or stroke. Steroids are very commonly prescribed under health ailments like inflammatory bowel disease, asthma and inflammatory arthritis.

Hence, the probability of suffering from heart disease increases rapidly in general population. Therefore, it is significantly crucial to know all the side effects of using steroid drugs beforehand, and after weighing the benefits over harms, one should consume them for long periods. Discuss with your doctor about any heart problem that may be prevalent in your family so that he/she can advise right dosages of steroids drugs, with minimal harm to health.

Steroids On Increased Risk Of Heart Disease

Heart size increases

Steroids are known to increase muscular mass, but it is not known by most of us that they also make heart grow big in size. The result of enlarged heart is that the extra mass work against the four chambers of heart, causing them to become narrow. The chambers may even get constricted or closed with high steroids usage. This eventually may lead to various cardiovascular ailments or heart diseases.

Arterial Thickening


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Steroids are observed to increase blood vessels inflammation, prominently arteries causing arterial thickening that is the key factor mediating arthrosclerosis, the initiator of all heart diseases.

Impaired Heart Pumping Activity

The main pumping chamber of heart called as left ventricle is majorily affected with long steroids usage. The left ventricle functioning gets impaired with signs of weak contraction, during pumping of heart. Healthy left ventricle normally pumps 55 to 70% of the blood from heart called as ejection fraction.

Impaired Heart Pumping

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In steroid consumers, this ejection fraction reduces considerably reaching below 55% that is linked to instant cardiac arrest or elevated risk of heart failure. Poor functioning of left ventricle poses a far greater risk for heart diseases.

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Impaired Diastolic Function

Prolonged use of steroids causes an impairment of diastolic functioning that is the ability of left ventricles to get relaxed and filled with blood, post contraction. In steroid users, the left ventricle relaxation is observed to reduce down by 50% than in non steroid users.  This could be the major reason for left ventricular dysfunction in young individuals, who even being healthy suffer due to intake of anabolic steroids in their regime.

The consumption of anabolic steroids has been proven to be associated with decreased cardiac activity, owing to decrease in gonadotropin levels, high density lipoprotein, testosterone and physical strength. There is an increased arterial thickening with reduced vascular reactivity, contributing to 2.5 times higher risk of heart disease in steroid users as compared to that in non steroid users.

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