Eliminate Embarrassing Flatulence

Eliminate Embarrassing Flatulence

Some flatulence remedies that have stood the test of time are the mints.  Peppermint tea can calm gas pains and help eliminate excess gas.  Spearmint is another herb that can make a soothing tea.  Both herbs can flavor lozenges that can be carried wherever you go to provide instant flatulence remedies. Caraway or fennel seeds can be chewed as well as made into tea.  Aniseed, cumin and dill also make excellent teas to be used as flatulence remedies.  All of these herbs are common cooking ingredients.  They are easy to prepare and safe to use.  Excellent quality herbs can be found online or at a health foods store.

Some yoga postures are effective flatulence remedies.  One easy exercise is to lie on your back and raise your knees up to your chest until gas pressure is relieved.  This exercise is best done in private.  In other circumstances, a walk around the block may be enough movement to redistribute the intestinal gas.


Causes of Flatulence

The most common cause of flatulence is in the diet.  Eating fatty foods which are slow and difficult to digest can cause intestinal gas.  Gluten from grains and lactose from milk products cause digestive problems for many people.  Gluten and lactose free foods are becoming more common in supermarkets and whole food stores.

Eating a diet too high in fiber often results in flatulence.  Cut down or eliminate any foods that aggravate gassiness.  Beans, onions, cabbage, broccoli, apples and pears are some other foods that may cause excess intestinal gas.

Eating fatty foods

Don’t eat or drink too fast as that may cause you to swallow a lot of air.  The air can migrate to the colon and cause flatulence.  Cut down on carbonated beverages like soda and beer.  Avoid drinking through a straw which is another way to ingest air.    People who smoke or chew gum may unconsciously swallow a lot of air.

After taking antibiotics the balance of good and bad bacteria can be destroyed.  There are products available that provide the beneficial organisms we all need for healthy digestion.  Active yogurt cultures can be eaten to help restore balance.


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