6 Excellent Home Remedies For increasing Appetite in Children

Appetite in Children

Most of the young children do a lot of fuss during eating and the mothers are always on look out for the solutions to increase their kid’s appetite. All parents wonder, why children do not feel hungry or have a low appetite, even when on their toes most of the times. The reasons could vary, from not liking the food choices being fed, hyperactivity that keep them engrossed or the hunger has reduced due to continual ailments that may have occur.

Most of the times, low appetite is just a passing phase in growing children. For respite of parents, there are simple, easy and effective tips to improve appetite in children. These solutions are for the children who have a low appetite, even after being in best of their health.

Effective Home Remedies For Increasing Appetite In Children

Manipulating children behavior is not that easy, but with smart choices, it may not be that difficult and impossible too. Understand the kind of behavior your child has and tackle it accordingly, without following any stringent or boring attitude.

Ginger Root


For children with low appetites, ginger root offers tremendous benefits. It helps in digestion, nausea, morning sickness and constipation. The child can chew ginger sprinkled with lemon juice and rock salt. If taste is not appealing to the child, offer him ginger tea half an hour, before the meal time. Ginger root is very useful in curing low appetite worries.



Horseradish root should be powdered and then use as home remedy, for increasing appetite. One teaspoon can be given to the child three times in a day, just before mealtime, on regular basis for a period of a few weeks. This supports by generating gastric juices that inturn improves hunger and maintains a healthy appetite.

Alfa Alfa

Alfa Alfa

Alfa alfa is extensively used for stimulating appetite and offers remedies to the digestive problems. One teaspoon of alfa alfa should be given to the child everyday to improve his/her appetite. Additionally, it helps in the bowel movements and keeps the child’s digestive system healthy.

Snacking In Between The Meals


Offer more snacks to children in-between their meals and then encourage this on daily basis. With continual trying, it will become a habit that builds up the appetite in children. Ensure that child is never forced to eat as that will cause them to rebel more and run away from eating. Be a part of their snacks time and meals so that they understand it is the regular flow for all and not only implied to them.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is the best solution for improving appetites as it helps in recovering mucosal linings and works on bowel troubles. One teaspoon of aloe vera daily is bound to improve hunger and health in children and adults.

Exercise Or Walking


With evening walks, exercises or indulging children in sport activities like running or outdoor playing for an hour will stimulate their appetite, making them tired and hungrier. Regular physical activity is crucial for overall health.

Keep trying the home remedies as they do not bestow any harm, till you use them appropriately. It could be possible that one strategy is more effective for some children, and another one for other children. But, surely all parents will definitely be able to develop one that works best for their kids.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.