Five Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure
Blood pressure is the exertion of blood flow on the arteries. It has a lower and upper reading. Lower reading is the minimum pressure exerted by the blood flow when heart muscles rest right after pumping the blood. Upper reading is the maximum pressure when heart pumps the blood.The ideal limits of blood pressure are 80/120. 80 being the lower and 120 the higher limit. High blood pressure or hypertension is said to occur when these readings are raised either for upper or both the limits.

High blood pressure is a common issue that ails a lot of people around the world. Most of them rely on over the counter medicines to regulate it. However, usage of natural cures regularly can not only bring the blood pressure under control but can also help you avoid it altogether.

Safe Cures For High Blood Pressure

Go Physical

Physical Exercise

Obesity and weight are on top of the list of causes behind high blood pressure. It is apparent that the first step to regulating you blood pressure has to begin with losing fats and weight.

Exercises like fast walking and swimming can help you tremendously in this task. Hit a gym and use a trainer to reduce the weight and exercise the kilos away in the right manner.

Relax And Breath With Yoga


Many of us roll our eyes looking at yoga as something boring. But it is not popular for  nothing. Yoga is a combination of physical exercise as well as meditating and breathing technique. Each asana in yoga concentrates on the way you breath while practising it.

Meditation and deep breathing exercises are known to calm the nerves and control the blood pressure. Shavasana, Pranayam, Vajrasana, Surya namaskar and Tadhasana are very relaxing. There are some asanas like agnisar that are harmful and can raise the blood pressure.

Therefore, you need to go through the asanas in detail to know what would suit you. Also, yoga helps in losing weight which is a reason for fluctuating blood pressure.

Garlic Wonder


The pungent garlic is long term remedy for blood pressure. It not only breaks down the cholesterol but also is a blood thinning agent. Cholesterol and blockages in the arteries are the reasons behind high blood pressure.

Take one or two cloves of garlic with warm water on empty stomach in the morning. As mentioned earlier, it is a long term solution so might take a few weeks maybe a month before you would be able to see some positive result.

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Tea Time



Both green as well as chamomile tea are high on flavonoid which is an anti-oxidant, cleans the blood stream of toxins and impurities.

Chamomile tea is a nerve calming ingredient and reduces the fall outs of high blood pressure like hot flashes, restlessness and irritability. You can increase the potency of these tea by adding ginger which is also a blood thinning agent.

Halt The Salt


Salt contains sodium, that is why high intake of salt causes a spike in the blood pressure. Reduce the salt intake especially sprinkling it after the food has been prepared. Try and consume salads without salt for the best results.

Avoid processed and junk foods as they have alarming levels of salt content which is used not only for seasoning but also as a preservative in the packed foods.

Try different kinds of seasonings without salt or minimum quantity of salt. A gradual decrease of salt in your diet will make it easy for you to kick it from your food.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.