Garlic Treats Symptoms of Emphysema

Garlic Treats Symptoms Of Emphysema

There are several symptoms of emphysema that can be helped by the healing properties of this pungent herb.  Smoking and the resultant emphysema can damage the vascular system causing poor circulation.  One sign of this is blue-tinged toes and fingertips.  Garlic acts as a toner for the circulatory system and is reputed to strengthen the cardiac system.  Blue toes and fingertips are caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood flowing to the extremities.


Coughs are symptoms of emphysema that can be eased by the use of garlic.  Garlic is an expectorant and the volatile oils of the garlic are excreted directly through the lungs.  This targets the beneficial effect in precisely the proper place to relieve the symptoms of emphysema. Frequent colds and respiratory tract infections can be a result of emphysema.  Garlic has antibiotic, antiseptic and antifungal properties that may speed healing of these infections.  Garlic can boost the immune system and work to reduce fever.  For even more infection fighting power, combine the regular use of garlic with Echinacea tea. Garlic

Cooking garlic destroys many of the medicinal properties.  Eating three cloves of raw garlic each day would be ideal for symptoms of emphysema.  This may be more raw garlic than you can handle eating.  It may also cause bad breath and offend others. Garlic extract capsules can be used daily for symptoms of emphysema without the bad breath.  Aim for a dose of 600 to 1000 mg. per day for the most effect against symptoms of emphysema.  There are other herbs and herbal treatments that work on symptoms of emphysema but garlic is one of the universally healthful herbs known to all. There are few side effects but they are worth noting.  If you have diabetes, use caution because garlic may lower blood sugar.  If you are taking vitamin E or aspirin, please note that garlic may increase the anticoagulant effect of these.  Garlic in large doses may interfere with iodine metabolism, so do not use if you have a thyroid dysfunction.  Finally, do not use large doses during pregnancy or lactation.

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