Good Effects Of Yoga On Cancer Patients

Good Effects Of Yoga

Changing life style, imbalanced diet, increasing pollution, hereditary causes etc;  are the major causes for being affected by cancer. With  the increasing rate of cancer patients across the globe, yoga is proved to be the best remedy. By doing yoga, the symptoms of  this disease can be reduced and the patient will not have any side effects.

The treatment of chemotherapy or radiation will make the patient very weak and depressed. However,  the updated medical treatments can cure cancer well,  it will be beneficial for the well being of the patient to do a few easy to do yoga methods daily.

Yoga For Reducing Heat

Yoga For Reducing Heat

Sit comfortably on floor and fold your hands by joining your thumb and point finger. Put your tongue out from the mouth and fold it like the shape of zero. Take breath in from the middle of your tongue and hold the breath for 10 seconds. Exhale slowly with your nose.  Do this method of yoga for 5 minutes and 3 times in a day.

Some people may find it difficult to roll their tongue like zero.  In such situations, you can just fold the tongue. With this yoga, the heat that will be generated with radiation and chemo therapy, will be lessened.  The color of the patient’s skin will also not change with this yoga.

Yoga To Overcome Stress


For this method, sit in a comfort posture by putting your spine straight.  Put your right palm in the left palm.  While doing this,  do not press the hands with force,  but  keep them very soft.  Keep your hands near the navel and inhale and exhale slowly with concentration.  Practice this method of yoga for 3 minutes.

Yoga To Increase Immunity

Increase Immunity

In this yoga,  close the three fingers by keeping apart your thumb and point finger. Fold the ring finger of your right hand and put the point finger of your right hand on the thumb of your left hand,  in the shape of a tortoise.  Keep your small finger of the right hand on the pointer finger of your left hand.  While doing this,  inhale peacefully and with this technique of yoga,  the patient will improve his immunity levels.

Yoga To Remove The Wastes Accumulated

Remove The Wastes Accumulated

For doing this also,  you have to sit in a comfortable posture and put your right hand below the left hand,  in the shape of a fish.  Fold the four fingers of both the hands.  With this method of yoga,  the toxins formed with the intake of powerful medicines will be removed.

To Overcome Insomnia


Generally cancer patients tend to possess the symptoms of insomnia.  To get rid of this problem,  join the fingers of your both the hands in the form of a lotus flower.  With this technique of yoga,  the nerves in your brain will become calm and your sub conscious mind will be relaxed.

To Avoid Constipation


For doing this, stand straight and raise your two hands by joining the palms.  Put your leg 1 foot forward and look back from the right side.  Stay in this posture for 10 seconds and come back to normal posture.  Repeat the same process for your left leg too.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.