Grape Juice Remedy For Arthritis


There is no doubt that inflammation due to arthritis is quite incapacitating, but with new and effective natural arthritis treatments coming up, it is now possible to reverse this effect. One of the treatments of arthritis relief is the grape juice! Do not be surprise, as it is one of the recently researched home remedies for arthritis pain and inflammation. According to the research, grapes contain pectin that refers to a natural substance present in the plant cells, particularly in fruits, which combats inflammation. This is really a hope in the life of the arthritis patients who suffer a lot due to pain as well as swelling. We shall now explore about the grape juice for arthritis relief in detail.

How Grape Juice Works

For arthritis relief, the organic grape juice rich in pectin is advisable. Acting as a thickening agent in preserving items such as jellies, pectin is capable of reducing the effect of inflammation on joints. However, no scientific trials have been conducted to confirm the effectiveness. Nevertheless, you will come across several positive testimonials at the People’s Pharmacy Web site, which verify the effectiveness of the grape juice for arthritis relief. To act as a natural arthritis treatment, pectin keeps the connective tissue elastic as well as smooth, which are present in between the joints. The London South Bank University states that pectin controls the fluid flow (whose build up can cause arthritis) in the cells as well as unites these cells. Irrespective of the pain in knees, hands, or shoulders, grape juice rich in pectin is now gaining special attention as one of the famous home remedies for arthritis.

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In addition, the organic grown grapes are full of quercetin (bioflavonoid), vitamin c, and antioxidants that together offer arthritis pain relief, especially in case of rheumatoid arthritis. Experts recommend having the juice of red grapes that possess Quercetin as a strong antioxidant and Vitamin C, which together kindle the immune system to combat inflammation and painful symptoms. Further, this combination also seems to ensure muscle as well as joint pain relief in case of gout arthritis. In addition, it has been found that the seeds of grapes are rich in resveratrol as well as pycnogenols, which are vital antioxidants required for beating all types of arthritis pain and stress.However, the experts report that the pectin grape juice offers arthritis relief after some time of its intake although it is only possible to experience it after consistent and long-term use.

How Do I Consume Grape Juice

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Buy liquid pectin and grape juice, mix it, and consume the mixture three times a day. It is vital to take external pectin, as the substance is present in considerably small amount in grapes. This juice should be lower in sugar, as high amounts of it can worsen some types of arthritis such as gout, according to Organic Nutrition. In case of severe arthritis, mix half cup of grape juice and two tablespoon of pectin. For those suffering from mild condition, one cup of juice with two tablespoon of pectin once per day is enough. It is advisable to have the mixture in morning. You arthritis pain will start to recede in three to six weeks. As there is no confirm report on the side effects or contraindications, you must ask your physician about the dosage.

Grape Juice Remedy For Arthritis

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