Health Benefits Of Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices are effective and very beneficial as they have a good effect on our health instantly. Fresh fruit juices protect us from various diseases and help in enhancing our beauty also. Regular consumption of fresh fruit juices gives cooling effect to us and keeps us fit and fine.

fruit juice benefits

Grape Juice For Healthy Body And Mind

Grapes are available in green, black or red colour and they taste both sweet and sour. They add to our good health bringing positive results in our life. If you are travelling and on a long journey then keep grapes juice handy, it will give you instant energy. Fresh juice of grapes gives strength to our body and in Ayurvedic scriptures it is written that it improves and enhances our sex life too.

The juice of grapes removes lethargy  from our body. Ayurved suggests drinking grape juice to cure fever, cough, tuberculosis, throat infection and urine infections. Juice of raw grapes helps in curing cough and blood impurities. Juice of ripe grapes provides cooling effect to our body and cures heart problems too.

grape juice

Orange Juice For Fitality

Oranges are very rich source of vitamin C and they have typical aroma which helps in enhancing the love for food, cures stomach ache and kills every kind of stomach infection due to worms. The juice made from oranges enhances the taste buds and the people get attracted towards food and cure various digestion problems too.

The juice of oranges is the biggest source of vitamin B complex and fresh juice is the best source. But if you are not able to get fresh juice then you can store it in refrigerator and drink everyday for good health.You can also prepare squash from orange juice and store for longer period.

orange juice

Litchi Juice Rich In Nutrients

Litchi is called Litsee in China and this fruit was unexplored by our ancestors. The litchi fruit is sweet, fresh and very tasty to eat. The juice of litchi is full of proteins, fat, carbohydrates and Vitamin B and C.

The juice of litchi can be stored in the form of squash and even fresh juice can be given to a person suffering from fever to prevent dryness of the throat. The preserved litchi juice is good for curing fever or urinary infection. It relieves the burning sensation due to infection.

litchi juice

Apple Juice And Health Benefits

The juice of apple has multi-benefits attached to it is used for making cold drinks and for fermenting alcohol and vinegar in industries. Apple juice is very effective in curing Scurvy and loose motions. If an infant is suffering from loose motions or diarrhoea the doctors suggest apple juice to be given to the child.

According to Ayurved the apple juice provides nutrition to the gall bladder and kills the germs which cause fever and any infection in our body. Fresh Juice of apple is rich in tannin and various other nutrients which keep our body healthy. You can also consume stored apple juice regularly for staying fit and fine. Thus, the benefits of various fruit juices are unlimited and by consuming them regularly we can maintain proper health.

apple juice

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