Health Care During Heavy Menstruation

Menstruation in women is extremely crucial from viewpoint of health. For some, it is one of the most difficult phases of their life and this problem gets aggravated if menstruation is heavy. The type of menstruation depends on a person to person. However, women experiencing heavy menstruation must exercise a lot of health care so that no problem arises further.

Heavy menstruation can be easily dealt with provided the state of mind professed by a woman. Even during heavy periods, a woman can still maintain her normal routine. One of the basic things that need to be done is to maintain optimistic attitude. Most of the physical problems develop because of the psychological constitution of a person.

Problem Of Heavy Menstruation

There are some conditions that indicate the problem of heavy menstruation. If bleeding occurs for eight to nine days and this pattern becomes regular, than a lady can said to be suffering from heavy menstruation.Heavy menstruation can even force a woman to alter her routine till the duration of her menstrual cycle and plan schedule accordingly. It can even cause heavy deficiency of iron in the body.

In some cases, heavy menstruation is an indication of some sought of imbalance in the level of hormones, thyroid disorder or ovary disorder.It is strictly advisable to women that they must carry a sanitary pad with them in case of emergency. Even if the pad is smaller in size, it will be able to avoid extremely embarrassing situation that might occur for her. If flow is heavy then there is no problem in changing sanitary pad.

Dealing With Menstrual Cramps

Majority of women suffer from cramps before the onset of menstrual cycle. After its commencement, cramps can prove troublesome for many of them. Keep in mind that cramps can also be avoided or their impact on women’s health can be curtailed to a significant extent.The kind of diet being taken and level of stress plays a major role in shaping up health of women during heavy menstruation.

Taking undue stress will only aggravate the problem of cramps, so make an attempt to do light exercises and also apply heating pad on the areas affected by cramps. If situation gets worse then painkiller medicine can be taken for immediate relief.It is recommended that women must wear easy fitting and comfortable clothes till the time their menstrual period lasts. Never shy away from taking help or some kind of advice from your parents or elders so that you can easily overcome any sought of imminent problem.

Role Of Diet During Heavy Menstruation

Consume potassium rich diet during menstruation cycle. Try to eat light and nutritious food during this time as diet plays an important role in maintaining balance in the body. At the same time drink adequate amount of water and avoid eating too much spicy or sweet foodstuff.During menstrual period, there is loss of iron in women’s body. Eat vegetables having abundant supply of iron so that there is no scarcity of iron in the body during that time.

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