Top Herbal Treatments For Edema

There are many herbs that can help treat edema. This condition is the build up and retention of excess fluid in the infected area. It is caused by another underlying medical condition. While there are treatments available, there is no direct cure for edema. You must treat and cure the other condition in order to make a full recovery.


There are many herbs and spices that work as a natural diuretic. A diuretic removes excess fluids and salt from the body and can help reduce the size of the edema. Most people already have these herbs and spices in their kitchens in their spice racks. While results vary from person to person, it is important to experiment with the different herbs and spices until you find what works well for yourself.

Be creative with these herbs and spices. You can add most of these as seasonings to meats and vegetables as well as your favorite recipes. Once you discover something that you like, write it down. Some of these herbs can be added to hot teas and sipped on throughout the day. If you drink coffees you should only use whole bean organic coffees and grind it yourself. Instant, pre-ground and non-organic coffees can contain additives and additional caffeine. While you want the benefit of natural occurring caffeine you do not need man-made caffeine or additives in your coffees.

whole bean organic coffee

Spices and herbs that can help treat edema include mint, spearmint, hops, fennel, dandelion, saffron, sage, golden seal and chicory. All of these spices come in various forms, including fresh, liquid, and dried. You can obtain these from your local grocery store, health food store or whole food store if you do not already have them in your cupboard


Fresh versions of most of these herbs and spices provide the best medicinal qualities. For example, using either mint or spearmint leaves, grind these up and add to a pot of boiling water, then add your tea and continue boiling for several minutes. Strain the tea and serve. You can add additional leaves right to the tea. If you need to use a sweetener, you should use honey instead of sugar.

mint leaves

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