Home Remedies For Low Immunity

Low ImmunityThe immune system primarily defends the body against all types of infections. It is a complex system containing many cells and proteins that ward off the attacks of bacteria, viruses, fungus and other microbes and keep the body healthy. If the immune system is unable to function properly then the sufferer develops a low immunity to infections and illnesses and is liable to be easily affected by every infection and disease.

The immunity decreases considerably, if any of the components of the immune system become altered or damaged. Weakness in the immune system can be either congenital or acquired. The immune system mainly comprises of lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, tonsils, white blood cells and other special cells such as mast cells and macrophages.

Each of these has a special job of enhancing the body’s ability to fight infection. The immune system releases antibodies, when something harmful enters the body. These antibodies produced by the immune system for defense, latch on to the antigens and destroy them.

Low Immunity Home Remedies


Amla is a great immunity booster. It is a very rich source of vitamin C which is powerful antioxidant and which scavenges all the harmful free radicals from the entire body and destroys them on the spot. It also prevents oxidative stress and keeps all the components of the immune system in excellent health.


It increases the production of hormones which enhance the immune system and keep it in good functioning order. Grate two amlas and mix two teaspoons of honey with it. Eat this mixture every morning on an empty stomach.


Garlic is another very potent remedy for maintaining a strong and healthy immune system. It has superb antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant properties which destroy the infection by helping the immune system to produce more antibodies. Garlic also keeps the body free from toxins and helps in the production of white blood cells thus enhancing the function of the immune system. Swallow three to four cloves of garlic every morning.


Homemade curd is full of probiotics that have a marked effect on the immune system. It helps the immune system produce more antibodies to fight off the invaders and it also strengthens the white blood cells.


People who eat curd daily, round the year scarcely have common illnesses and infections like hay fever, common cold, flu and diarrhea.


Almonds are very nourishing and keep all the functions of the body intact and in excellent functionality. Besides other nutrients almonds contain large amounts of vitamin E which is an immune strengthening antioxidant.

A deficiency of vitamin C is found to decrease the function and strength of the immune system. Soak a handful of almonds overnight. In the morning peel them and grind them to a fine paste. Consume this paste with some raisins every morning.



Guava has more than adequate amounts of vitamin C which helps the white blood cells to perform optimally and it also quickens the response of the immune system in time of need. Eat two or three guavas daily.

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