6 Ways To Cure Epilepsy Naturally

Treatments For Epilepsy

Epilepsy, one of the first brain disorders to be described, is a common chronic neurological disorder characterized by seizures or convulsions. We can find the oldest detailed accounts of this brain disorder in the writings on ancient Babylonian tablets dated 3,000 years back. The word ‘epilepsy’ is a derivative of the Greek word for ‘attack.’

What is It Exactly?

Seizures or epileptic attacks are periods of abnormal, excessive or disturbed brain activity that leads to variations in attention or behavior. This brain disorder happens mainly when nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain send abnormal signals. Some common causes of epilepsy are: stroke, dementia, brain injury, inherited brain defect, brain tumor, etc. Lack of oxygen to the brain due to poor blood circulation can be stated as the main cause of this terrible convulsion. The most horrible fact regarding this serious neurological disorder is that even the best medication does not guarantee a 100% cure. With medication, seizures may only be controlled. Some people experience epilepsy during particular stages of childhood and does not prolong lifelong. Seizure medicines are the mainstay of epilepsy treatment. Anti-seizure pharmaceuticals, psychological help, and brain surgery, are often resorted to control epilepsy. But there are some alternative natural medications that can cause significant control over epileptic attacks. Since most of the anti-epileptic medications have other psychological and physical side effects, it is better to have an understanding of treating epilepsy naturally.

How To Cure Epilepsy Naturally

While adopting natural treatments and lifestyle changes, one should not completely give up traditional medicine. Most cases of seizures are prompted by external factors, which include, alcohol abuse, unhealthy food habits that obstruct oxygen and blood flow to brain, inadequate mineral absorption, higher stress levels etc. Natural treatment can be embraced to reduce the frequency of seizures and symptoms of epilepsy.

Include Plenty of Vegetable and Fruit Juices in Your Daily Diet


Excessive consumption of meat and dairy foods tend to block the arteries and hamper oxygen and blood flow. Therefore switching to a vegan diet enriched with natural foods is often recommended to control seizures. Drinking plenty of vegetable and fruit juices daily will help in healing epilepsy. Include carrot, beetroot and cucumber juice in your diet to cleanse your body from toxins. Having plenty of fruits especially grape juice, will control seizures. Consuming herbal teas and plenty of water is also helpful. Adding liquid oxygen drops to drinking water is also beneficial.

Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods include many additives that may induce seizures. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. Avoid white sugar, white flour, and white rice.

Herbs that Cure Epilepsy

Green Tea

Herbs such as Gotu Kola, Ginseng, Holy/ Thistle, Black Walnut Hulls, and Green Tea are known to improve oxygen flow all through the body. Herbs such as Jasmine Flower, Lady’s Slipper, Irish Moss, Cayenne, Ginger, Fo Ti, European Mistletoe, etc. are traditionally believed to cure epilepsy.

Zinc Supplements

Zinc Supplements

Zinc deficiency is believed to be one of the major reasons for epileptic seizures. Adequate zinc supplementation can significantly improve epileptic conditions.

Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium Supplements

Epilepsy has been linked to magnesium deficiency. This should be rectified by magnesium supplements. Include almonds, cashews, and spinach in your daily diet. Dietary changes that will enhance vitamin B1 and vitamin E intake will help in recovery.

Oils and Flower Essences

Marjoram and Lavender essential oils

Marjoram and Lavender essential oilsare known to control seizures. These oils can be directly inhaled. Inhaling flower essences of Heather, Impatiens, and Water Violet is also beneficial. Sticking to balanced and healthy diet that includes a judicious combination of organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, is the best way to control and cure epilepsy naturally.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.