How To Treat Crashing Fatigue During Menopause

Generally, fatigue refers to the condition of excessive weariness as well as exhaustion, which hits one at night, especially with disturbed sleep. However, in case of a few women passing through the stage of menopause, this fatigue disturbs the body even during the daytime and that too with no obvious reason. To be very clear, one feels tired even without performing any physical work. This is crashing fatigue that weakens a woman even after hours of rest during menopause.

menopause fatigue

The shocking part of crashing fatigue associated with menopause is that the exhaustion might not go away even with more hours of sleep or increased eating. In fact, crashing fatigue can result in sleeping disorder, lack of concentration, poor appetite, irritation, and depression. According to the experts, such a fatigue is the outcome of the hormonal changes that are common during menopause. Therefore, an effective treatment regimen would include balancing life with medications and lifestyle changes. If you are a woman who is undergoing menopause, do continue reading further, as we now shall look at the crashing fatigue treatments.

Consider The Common Medical Procedures Seriously

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and hysterectomy (surgery) are the most known treatments for crashing fatigue. However, these options are the last resort only for those who are suffering quite badly and for those for whom no other treatment seems to be effective. The sad part is that the pharmaceutical firms promote these procedures so intensively such that women take them to be the only effective choice. However, these critical procedures are not for all. In fact, one must consider the side effects like cancer, high cost, and recovery time before choosing this treatment. Above all, the advice of the doctor is mandatory.


Choose Better Options Of Fatigue Diet And Exercises

First, you must make it mandatory to have a fatigue diet that includes six servings of fruits and vegetables daily as well as excludes processed foods and refined sugars. Further, increase the number of glasses of water to at least 9 to 10 daily to avoid dehydration (a major cause of fatigue), reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks such as soft drinks and coffee, and dedicate at least 9 hours to sleep with a fixed wake up and sleeping time daily for averting daytime tiredness. It is necessary for you to reduce caffeine, as it might boost energy instantly for some time, but at the end, it will revoke resulting in more fatigue.

Second, perform some exercises during the day, which can keep you charged by alleviating stress as well as sleep inducing hormones and blood pressure. At night, the level of sleep inducing hormone increases, which means good sleep. Such exercises can include pranayamas (breathing exercises) and asanas (yoga). However, you need to ask an expert as to which of these exercises are effective for you to treat crashing fatigue.

breathing exercise

Go Natural With Alternative Therapies

These treatments include herbal remedies that aim at rectifying the root cause of crashing fatigue, hormonal imbalance. This means such therapies also aid in reducing all the symptoms of crashing fatigue. Further, these herbal supplements are free of major side effects as well as are affordable. Mostly, non-estrogenic herbs such as Macafem and MacaActive are preferable, which bring back the required hormonal balance in the body naturally.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.