Know About Vital Symptoms Of Acidity

Acidity has become a symptom of every body irrespective of age and gender.  If you get acidity problem frequently, then you do not feel like having a bite of food and with this, the body loses its strength and becomes prone to vulnerable health.


The probable causes of acidity are eating unhealthy foods, stored foods, foods having lot of preservatives, consumption of heavy doses of coffee, tea, alcohol and so on.

Some times,  if you delay your meals, then you have more chances of getting acidity.The better ways of knowing about acidity are only by observing its symptoms and the common among them are discussed here in a nut shell.

Burning Pain In The Stomach:

The basic identifiable symptom of acidity is,  pain in the stomach. The person may not feel comfortable to walk or sit and cannot do any physical activity with ease.

Burning Pain In The Stomach

Heavy Breath Due To Acidity:

Another note worthy symptom of acidity is,  heavy breath for a person.  This sign sometimes causes short breath, requiring immediate medical supervision.

Heavy Breath Due To Acidity

Nausea And Vomiting:

Individuals possessing symptoms of acidity feel like vomiting and thereby, cannot eat food.  Sometimes, this leads to dehydration.

Nausea And Vomiting

Acidity Causes Dry Throat:

Your throat becoming dry,  is very common if you have acidity.  So, you need to take lots of water to overcome this problem.

Acidity Causes Dry Throat

Headache Due To Acidity:

Uneasiness in your stomach can also result in severe headache. To be relieved of this, you can steam yourself with hot water, by applying pain balm on your fore head.

Headache Due To Acidity

Swollen Tummy Due To Acidity:

Many times, people ignore their stomach being enlarged due to acidity, though they do not have any of the other symptoms.  Hence, if your stomach swells frequently or rarely, consider it as the cause of acidity. For the stomach to become normal, you need to walk briskly at least for 2 to 3 kilometers daily.

Swollen Tummy Due To Acidity

Acidity Causes Indigestion:

Though you do not suffer frequently from acidity,  few types of foods can induce indigestion for anybody.  Indigestion occurs with the intake of spicy foods, junk foods, oil fried foods and so on.

Acidity Causes Indigestion

Chills Due To Acidity:

A person having severe symptoms of acidity chills even on a sunny day.  To overcome this problem, cover yourself with a pull over to make your body warm and become normal.

Chills Due To Acidity

Acidity Causes Painful Urination:

Yet another common symptom of acidity is,  frequent urination having burning sensation. With this, your body will be dehydrated and so, you need to drink plenty of fluids.

Acidity Causes Painful Urination

Acidity Causes Loss Of Appetite:

A person may not feel hungry because, the digestive track and intestines will be full of gases with acidity.

Acidity Causes Loss Of Appetite

Difficulty In Swallowing:

An individual finds it tedious to swallow even foods that are cooked very soft. Some times, the food that you eat may not slip from your throat in to the stomach and with this, you may vomit also.

Difficulty In Swallowing

Acidity Also Causes Constipation:

If you have constipation problem, then you are much prone to getting acidity.  To overcome this problem, you must eat lots of curd and drink butter milk and eating one banana at your bed time, can also show better results.

Acidity Also Causes Constipation

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