Migraine Headache Signs and Symptoms

A migraine headache is not just a bad headache. It is a strong, throbbing pain. These strong, throbbing pains can be so severe that they can cause nausea and blurred vision. Even noise can be upsetting. A migraine can be so bad it causes dizziness and that clammy nervous feeling like you are going to faint.

It is almost impossible to give an exact accounting for the signs and the symptoms of a migraine.  Signs and symptoms vary from person to person. An individual can even have different signs and symptoms every time they get a migraine. The one thing for sure is that anybody that has ever had a migraine really does not want to get another one.

A sign for a migraine is an early warning. It is a message to our body that a migraine is on its way. Again, every migraine headache can be different but here are some signs to look out for. Suddenly feeling tired or the opposite suddenly feeling full of energy. Feeling sad, having problems focusing, blurred vision and seeing of bright spots, flashing lights or jagged lines are more signs of a migraine. Additional signs are repeated yawning, numbness or tingling your lips, face and hands, weakness in your arms and legs could point to a migraine on its way. Surprising enough, craving certain foods and slurring of your speech are a couple more signs.

A symptom is what happens to you when you are having a migraine attack. Just like the signs not every symptom happens every time there is somebody with a migraine headache. These are some the symptoms that happen the most. Throbbing pain that can be disruptive to your day or night certainly gets your attention. Usually this throbbing pain is on one side of your head. This throbbing pain can extend through the whole side of your body. Sensitivity to light and sensitivity to noise or sound are more symptoms. Nausea and sensitivity to smell are the last of the most common symptoms. Again the symptoms can be as different as the person having the migraine attack.

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