Most Common Symptoms Of Vitamin D Toxicity

Symptoms Of Vitamin D ToxicityThere can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that vitamin D is very important for the development of the bones in the proper manner and also in the utilization of calcium. However, it is also important to be kept in mind that vitamin D can also produce great problems for the health and the body of an individual if it is taken in heavy doses.

Calcium over absorption is the most serious result of vitamin D toxicity and this can also lead to several problems of the health. Vitamin D toxicity is very dangerous and therefore people should have the idea to catch up with the symptoms of vitamin D toxicity so that the treatment can be given as early as possible. The common symptoms are as follows:

Symptoms of Vitamin D Toxicity

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are made out of calcium and they are very common as symptoms of vitamin D overdose. This is one symptom that is usually found in people who take in high doses of vitamin D.

Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones should be treated as soon as possible because they can lead to severe problems of health. Any sort of pain in the stomach should be consulted with the doctor because kidney stones cannot be noticed by following some of the simplest steps.

Calcium Absorption

This is one of the grimmest symptoms of vitamin D toxicity which can have adverse effects on the intestines and the other areas that are used for storage. Transportation of calcium from the food that is taken by an individual is facilitated by the intake of vitamin D but in situations where vitamin D is taken in excess, the body tends to absorb too much calcium and stores it in places that can turn out to be very harmful for the body. The lungs, the heart and the kidneys are some of the problematic areas where calcium can get stored.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

Vitamin D always helps in controlling the pressure of blood in the human body but in situations where the human body suffers from high doses of vitamin D, the blood pressure tends to increase. This high pressure can lead to symptoms like nose bleeds and frequent headaches.

Improper Functioning of The Tissues

In people who take in an overdose of vitamin D, symptoms of improper functioning of the tissues are found. This is actually the result of calcium absorption that takes place within the body due to an overdose of vitamin D. The calcium absorbed in the body in excess gets stored in various areas and therefore the tissues start performing in an adverse manner.

Digestive Problems

There are a number of digestive problems like vomiting, poor appetite and nausea that can be termed as the most common symptoms of vitamin D toxicity. These symptoms are usually felt because of the increase in the rate of blood pressure within the body.


Other symptoms that can be related with vitamin D toxicity are weakness, weight loss and minor problems of the heart that should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible so that the treatment for vitamin D toxicity can come in handy before anything worse takes place.

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