2 Natural Cures for Foot Fungus

Foot Fungus

Soak your feet in anti-septic

Finding a cure for foot fungus is easy and can be easily accomplished by opening your bathroom cabinet. Any form of anti-septic like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, salt, garlic, and even Vick’s vapor rub can be used to fight foot fungus. These are simple ingredients but generate serious results, with little cost to your time or money.


Soaking Feet

First, when treating any type of fungus it is important to keep the infected area clean and do so frequently throughout the day. This can be done with the use of antibacterial soap, alcohol, white vinegar, salt water or garlic. Some research suggests that even anti-septic mouthwash can be used as a foot soak to kill bacterial growth. Whatever you choose as a cure for foot fungus, simply repeat its application at least twice a day for three days, or continue until the fungus is gone.

Wear Cotton Socks

Cotton Socks

Second, while dealing with foot fungus the most productive thing you can do is trim and file your nails. This may seem unnecessary but when this is done daily it will quicken the healing process and keep the fungus from growing again. Third, the socks you choose can also be used as a cure for foot fungus, when choosing socks make sure to choose natural fibers like cotton. Cotton is less likely to provide an ideal climate for bacterial growth. Also it is important to keep you foot dry and change your socks frequently. Try not to wear socks for long periods of time because this will allow moisture to reside which is ideal for bacterial growth.

Keeping these things in mind will not only provide a safe treatment in the privacy of your own home but it also saves you money and time that can be wasted on commercial products that may or may not work. When dealing with this type of issue home remedies are just as affective, if not more, in providing a cure for foot fungus. It is smart to try the simplest, safest, and cheapest treatment for any ailment pertaining to the body.

2 Natural Cures for Foot Fungus


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