6 Natural Cures To Gonorrhea


Gonorrhea is an infection caused by the transfer of bacteria between two sexual partners. The bacteria are contagious and hence generally affect the age group 18 to 30. According to medical practitioners, the effects of gonorrhea are more pronounced in men than in women.

However, both sexual partners must receive treatment once the disease has been detected in one. Since the gonorrhea bacteria spread really fast in the bloodstream, it is necessary to treat them as soon as the first symptoms are realized. Here we give you a list of easy tips to cure gonorrhea at home. Know about natural cures for gonorrhea from this page.

How To Cure Gonorrhea Naturally

Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise To Cure Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is generally accompanied with pain and this is more pronounced in men. If the pain becomes unbearable, men must lie down and take deep breaths for at least 5 minutes. If blood cells are deprived of oxygen during gonorrhea, the cells turn malignant.

Refrain From Sexual Activities

Refrain From Sexual Activities To Cure Gonorrhea

It is important to stay away from sex when a person is suffering from gonorrhea. The pain in the case of this bacterial infection is most pronounced in the urethra and cervix of men and women respectively. Sometimes there is an inflammation in the areas, which will deteriorate if the patient engages in sexual activities.

Use of condoms is also recommended if one partner is suffering or has suffered from gonorrhea. Monogamy is another way to reduce the frequency of the spread of the gonorrhea bacteria. Sex with only one partner is essential for restoration of the functioning of the skin cells affected by the gonorrhea bacteria.

Natural Pain Killers

Natural Pain Killers To Cure Gonorrhea

Heat compress is one of the best natural pain killers. Before going to bed, press a hot water bag on the hip and thigh area to reduce the pain in the urethra and cervix.

Use Kanji

Use Kanji To Cure Gonorrhea

Kanji is the left over water at the base of the utensil after rice has been completely cooked. Drain this water in a glass and dilute with normal water if required before consuming.

This solution helps to reduce the level of saturated fat in your bloodstream. It also has anti inflammatory properties helping in the reduction of swelling of the sexual organs.

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Watch Your Weight

Watch Your Weight To Cure Gonorrhea

High body weight is not good for gonorrhea. Perform cardiovascular exercises every day early morning to get rid of excess fat in the body muscles. High body weight means swelling in urethra and cervix and further increase the pain in gonorrhea.

Natural Herbs To Treat Gonorrhea

Natural Herbs To Treat Gonorrhea

Herbal extracts of biduri, frangipani, beejbanda, virddadaru and guduchi are effective home remedies of gonorrhea. Boil these extracts in water and allow cooling before straining the solution in a cup and drinking it as a medicine.

The herbal extracts help in killing bacteria that infects the human blood in the case of gonorrhea. Drink at least two cups of the herbal solution for fast relief against gonorrhea. Another herbal treatment for gonorrhea is the sour sop plant.

The juice extracted from this plant contains essential nutrients like vitamins B1, B2 and C, dietary fiber and potassium that cures pain in the urethra and cervix by killing bacteria and free radicals in the blood.