3 Natural Home Remedies For Cough

Natural Home Remedies For Cough

Natural Home Remedies For Cough

Cough is a natural protective reflux of body that helps to clear out mucus, secretions and foreign particles from nasal passage. There are two types of cough dry and productive i.e. wet cough caused due to allergy, smoking, infection, dust, asthma and inflammation of nasal passage. Persistent cough in night is also observed in some patients and is called as nocturnal cough.Primary or Acute cough symptoms can be observed for 3 weeks to 10 weeks but if coughing is for more than 10 weeks it is called as chronic cough and should be treated immediately.Cough can be treated with Allopathic medicines, herbal remedies or natural home remedies. Natural home remedies and herbal remedies are much better than allopathic medicines as they do not have any side effects.

Remedies For Coughs Cure

Ginger For Cough Relief



Ginger plays important role in cough treatment, take 10gms of ginger juice and 10gms of honey then heat it together into a pan, take this mixture twice daily to relieve cough and asthma, this is very effective remedy of cough but do not eat sour products while taking this treatment.

Take 2 teaspoon of brown flax seed and grind them coarse into the grinder then add ½ teaspoon of jaggery, 1 teaspoon of ginger paste, 2 leafs of lemongrass, 1 cup of water into it and boil this mixture together once boiled drink this mixture warm to get a soothing effect. Drink a warm ginger tea thrice daily to relieve cough symptoms.Take 200gms of onion, 2gms of ginger, 10gm of black pepper, 4/5 big Sacred figs, 250gms of sugar and grind them together to form a powder, now heat the pan and add a melted butter or ghee equivalent to powder quantity then mix the powder into it, once the mixture is mixed and cooked properly take it out of gas and allow mixture to be cold, give 2 teaspoonful thrice daily to the person suffering from cough but make sure it should be warm while eating, is one of the quick relieving and soothing remedies of cough.

Honey With Herbs

Honey With Herbs

Take 6/7 Black peppers and grind them into the grinder with 2 teaspoon of honey to form a smooth paste, then take this mixture in a night without water after dinner to relieve cough.Mix 2 teaspoon of aloe juice into equal amount of honey and add this mixture to 1 cup of boiling water then drink the mixture warm thrice daily which soothes the cough and helps to build a strong body immunity to fight cough symptoms.

Warm Drinks

Warm Drink

Black salt is also useful in cough, take a black salt crystal and heat it into the pan, then dip this hot black crystal salt into the water and take out of water then drink this water warm to relieve cough.Mix 2 teaspoonful of turmeric powder in 1 glass of milk and boil this mixture, drink this mixture warm to relieve cough.Take 5/6 leaves of holy basil in 1 cup of water them bring this mixture to boil and drink warm to get relief, you can also chew these leaves raw. Licorice extract is also found useful in suppressing cough drink this extract with warm water.If cough is not cured for long time please seek urgent medical assistance.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.