5 Effective Home Remedies For Insects Bites

Insects Bites

It is said that human being is the most intelligent creatures in the world. But they also have to bow their heads (consciously or unconsciously) in front of the very small creatures. These creatures are mainly insects. Sometime you may not realize when you become the victim of insects’ bites. But the situation may be very worst when there is no idea that which insect has bitten you.

In that case, you can treat yourself by using some home remedies that can be effective on the bites of every insect. Everybody knows that the experience of insect bites is quite uncomfortable. It can cause pain or itching or sometimes both. If you take it lightly, it may be fatal in later. Using or taking home remedies is too much beneficial and easily accessible. Home remedies are also very effective in emergency.

Process Of Cleaning The Affected Area

hydrogen peroxide

The first thing that must be done after receiving an insect bite is to clean the affected area very carefully. You may use warm water for cleansing. If you use the soap along with the warm water, then you can get relieve from itching. Some people recommend hydrogen peroxide to clean the affected area because it has disinfectant properties.

So it is more effective than warm water and soap. But in case of absence of hydrogen peroxide, you may use alcohol as it also has the same property. Remember that you should not scratch the area during cleansing.

Uses Of Herbal Remedies

Lime or lemon pieces

People use herbal remedies to treat the insects’ bites since many years. These can give quick relief from pain or inflammation or itching. Lime or lemon pieces come first in the list of effective herbal remedies. It can be used to reduce the itching caused by insects’ bites. In spite of this, the lavender oil or banana peel has the same role in this treatment. To reduce the swelling you may place a piece of onion or a garlic clove on the affected area.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very essential to decrease the burning sensation of insects’ bites. If you are stung by wasp or bee, you may use the tobacco to reduce the pain. You have to moistened the tobacco and place it on the affected area. Sometimes you need to pull the stinger out from your skin with great care. In that case, you can place the glue on that area and let it be dried and then gracefully pull from the skin.

Other Home Remedies

Using of ice on the affected area reduces itching and swelling occurred by the insects’ bites. A mixture of water and baking soda can bring the poison of bee sting out from the affected area. As toothpaste has spearmint and peppermint in its composition, it can reduce the inflammation of insects’ bites. If you want to get quick relief from bug bites, you must go with any milk products. The enzymes of milk products can calm the itchiness which is caused by the bug bites.

water and baking soda

Calomine lotion may be seen in most of the houses. It is also very fruitful to reduce the itching of insects’ bites. Finally you can notice that the quick relief remedies of insects’ bites are spread around of you. If you can hold your nerve after receiving an insect bite, the quicker relieves may not be so far from you.

Calomine Lotion

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.