Top 5 Vitamins For Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's DiseaseIf your digestive tract gets damaged severely, you may need to undergo a surgery in extreme cases, while sometimes  it can be treated with the help of medications. Because of this problem, you might find it very difficult to absorb the entire essential nutrient from your food.

But with the right diet and regular dosage of vitamins, you can have a safer digestive system. Your doctor would prescribe you with an added dosage of vitamins to prevent and damage in your body. Read this article to know about different types of vitamins that can help in crohn’s disease.

Essential Vitamins For Crohn’s Disease

Vitamin B12

Your body usually lacks this vitamin as this condition damages the ileum, which is the lower end of the intestine. This part is responsible for absorbing Vitamin B12. Sometimes, this part needs to be removed surgically. As a result, a regular dosage is required to balance the loss.

vitamins b12


Deficiency of this vitamin would cause megaloblastic anemia that features very large red blood cells, lightheadedness, fatigue and weakness. In some cases, it can cause nerve damage, which would be realized through tingling sensation in your fingers and toes. You will also face difficulty while walking. If you face severe vitamin B12 depletion, you doctor would advise you to take shots each month regularly.

Folic Acid

This is another form of B vitamin that is responsible for growth of new cells in your body. This explains why they are offered in high dosage for all pregnant women as it ensures that the fetus develops fully and birth defects are averted.

folic acid

Some medications offered for Crohn’s disease, such as sulfasalazine and methotrexate would trigger deficiency in folic acid and hence, it is important to increase the intake of 1 mg of folic acid tablets every day.

Vitamin A

When your lower part of the intestine gets damaged, your body would experience difficulty in absorbing the vitamin A. This might even happen when there is a block in the intestine.

vitamin A


The ileum usually has a minor share of bacteria in it and when there is a blockage in the intestine, the fluid accumulates, which benefits the bacteria as it consumes all the vitamin A from your body. Make sure you take the supplements of vitamin A every day and include lot of foods having vitamin A to safeguard you.

Vitamin D

Though there are many foods that are rich in vitamin D, it is difficult for your body to absorb this vitamin when you have Crohn’s disease. The inflammatory bowel condition makes this process highly difficult. So,l your doctor would advice regular dosage of these vitamins for crohn’s disease for maintaining the well being of your body.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is well known for its antioxidant properties. The symptoms that occur owing to the depletion of this vitamin are tingling feel in the hands as well as in toes and also in the weak muscles. When you have this condition, your doctor will prescribe water soluble vitamin E as your intestine will absorb only this form quickly.

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