8 Treatment Options For Bursitis

Bursitis refers to the inflammatory condition of sac (bursa) lying between bone and tendon or between skin and tendon. The affected joint area may have symptoms of pain, tenderness, stiffness, redness and swelling.


The treatment for bursitis may depend on the condition of the problem, which may be either chronic or acute. In this article, we shall discuss about a few bursitis treatment options, which might help to deal with the problem to a great extent.

Best Bursitis Treatment Options

The below given treatment options with respect to bursitis would be of tremendous help in dealing with pain, swelling and inflammation of the joints.


The basic treatment for bursitis involves providing rest to the affected joint area on temporary basis. You may be advised not to move the affected joint, so that the pain is reduced and recovery is speeded up.


Ice Pack

Application of ice pack on the affected area works as a very good initial treatment for bursitis. The swelling in the affected joint area would be reduced with the help of application of ice pack frequently during the day. Also, the inflammation in the joint area would be decreased with the help of this treatment.

Due to a decrease in the pain, swelling and inflammation in the joint the movement of the affected joint would be improved. Consequently, the affected joint area would be able to carry out its functions in a normal manner.

ice pack

Anti-Inflammatory And Non-Steroidal Drugs

Anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin may be advised, which might help in reducing the inflammation and pain in the affected area to some extent.


Physical Therapy

Light physical therapy may be advised, which would help in improving the mobility of the joints. It is very important to be very careful during physical therapy, so that the affected joint area is not exerted much. You should get the therapy done from an experienced therapist, who would very well know how to carry out the exercises.

Light physical therapy

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Injection of corticosteroids might be required if the aforementioned treatment tips do not provide effective results.

All the fluid from the sac would be first drawn out and then corticosteroids would be injected to treat bursitis. Rarely, a surgical process would be required to draw out the fluid from sac.



In case the problem of bursitis occurs due to some infection, a few antibiotics might be recommended. The fluid in the sac would have to be drained in this case, so as to treat bursitis in an effective manner. Proper medical advice is recommended in case of infectious bursitis to get the right treatment.



At times, massage therapy might be recommended as a treatment for bursitis. The inflammation in the joints would be reduced with the help of advance massage technique.

Also, the pain and swelling in the affected joint area would be reduced to a great extent, if the massage therapy is carried out properly through expert hands.



As soon as the pain subsides, a few exercises should be carried out so as to strengthen the joint muscles and improve movement of the affected joint area.


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