5 Cures For Ear Ache

Ear Ache

Our ears are delicate and complicated organs used not only for hearing but for balance.It is very important to use good common sense when deciding to use home remedies as  earache cures.


If there has been an injury to an ear you should consider seeing your doctor.  If an earache has persisted for several days with no improvement after using a home remedy it may be time to visit the doctor.

White Vineger

An infection of the outer ear after swimming in unsafe water can be treated with a home remedy of one part white vinegar to one part rubbing alcohol.  This can be put into the ears a few drops at a time and allowed to sit in the ear canal for a few minutes.  This mixture can help to kill the infection and dry out the ear resulting in an earache cure.

Ear Bud

Another way to get an infection in the outer ear is to improperly clean the ear with tools that injure the delicate skin.  Even cotton tipped swabs can cause injury and result in an infection that requires earache cures.  One old saying is, “Don’t clean your ear with anything smaller than your elbow.”


An inner ear infection can happen after a cold or sinus infection has blocked the Eustachian tube.  Earache cures for an inner ear infection could be warmed castor oil or olive oil dropped into the ear.  The oil should be held in the ear canal by a bit of cotton wool.  Readily available herbal earache cures include castor oil with a pressed clove of garlic added, warmed and strained and then dropped into the ear as noted above.

Hot Compress

No matter what the cause of the earache, one of the most reliable and often used earache cures is heat.  A heating pad, hot water bottle or compress used on the affected ear for a half-hour at a time can provide soothing comfort.  As long as you are careful and make sure you do not burn the skin or allow moisture to enter the ear, heat is one of the safest earache cures available.

5 Cures For Ear Ache

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.