What Can Happen Due to an Iron Deficiency?

There are many different forms of anemia. Some are inherited and some develop later on in life. The most common is decreased iron anemia. This form of anemia is cause by an insufficient amount of iron in the body. Since iron is needed for hemoglobin production, if there isn’t enough iron in the body there will not be enough hemoglobin. There will also be a reduced amount of healthy red blood cells to transport oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues.

Decreased iron anemia can lead to many symptoms if not treated. Symptoms of decreased iron anemia are very basic. Fatigue, decreased energy and weakness are the most common symptoms of iron anemia. They are caused by the lack of oxygen and blood to the organs. The organs will be working overtime and not functioning properly. This will cause the body to react and almost shut down. Fatigue and weakness will form. You also may experience dizziness or become lightheaded due to decreased iron anemia. This is normally caused by the lack of oxygen and blood to the brain. Headache, pale skin, shortness of breath and cold hands and feet may also be experienced.

Treating decreased iron anemia is very simple. Taking an iron supplement should help reduce the symptoms. The supplement will increase the amount of iron in the body and also help increase the hemoglobin production. Therefore, the amount of health red blood cells will increase and the blood flow and oxygen transportation will return back to normal. You can also achieve this by making a few simple dietary changes. Adding iron-rich foods to your diet will help increase your body’s iron levels. Red meat, dairy, eggs and leafy greens are all high in iron and can help you cure your symptoms. Decreased iron anemia can also lead to other things. You may notice low levels of folate or vitamin b-12, so taking a supplement for each of these could also be useful.

Since iron is an essential part of our blood it is important to have enough in the body. If the levels are low, decreased iron anemia is likely to happen. If you are able to diagnose and treat it quickly, no serious health conditions will arise. So if you notice any of the symptoms, get treatment right away.

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