5 Reasons Why You Should Limit The Usage Of Antibacterial Soap

Reasons Why You Should Limit The Usage Of Antibacterial Soap

Are you someone who goes by the tag line “spic and clean” as stated by some of your colleagues? If yes, then are you using an anti bacterial soap as a part of the regime?  If the answer is once again yes, then this article is certainly for you. Before we go anywhere further let us establish one point with certainty. Anti bacterial soaps are effective products and can be helpful in getting rid of the germs and infections in our everyday life. The trouble really happens when we use them frequently and when we use them to wash our hands with it every time. Around 90% of the antibacterial bar soaps or liquid are loaded with the strongest chemicals. One such agent is the chemical- triclosan, which is its main ingredient. These are not good for your health and in many cases; their frequent use tends to do more harm than good. Make it a rule to use these type of soaps sparingly and especially try restricting children from using them. Use a safe natural soap and make sure that it is mild. Remember this – you are using such harshest chemicals on your skin in your quest for cleanliness. It is incorrect and always go for the milder cleaning soaps or the natural ones available. You can find below that we have listed out some harmful reasons why you should refrain from using such anti-bacterial soaps. Check them out.

Some Reasons Why You Should Limit The Usage Of Antibacterial Soap:

1. Skin Dryness

Your skins have a tendency to excrete a type of natural oil that keeps the surface smooth and soft. Triclosan acts in a negative way against this procedure. It shreds the oil and can affect the delicate balance of your skin. This results in dryness and many times you may get prone to itching symptoms. Apart from that constant usage of such anti bacterial soaps can lead to reddening of the skin and in some extreme cases even inflammation. Do make it a point to use a moisturizer in case you are using an anti-bacterial soap. Better you can alternate it with a soap that has natural ingredients such as coconut oil or almond oil.

Skin Dryness

2. Affects Your Endocrine

Anti-bacterial soaps that are loaded with triclosan, apart from being harmful to your skin can also affect your endocrine system – especially your thyroid hormone production. Triclosan agents resemble very much to that of the hormones that are produced by the thyroids. As a result, once triclosan enters your body, they can make your thyroid glands behave in an abnormal way. This simply affects your metabolism – the basic way to get energy from the foods. Next time when you notice that you fall sick often in spite of having a hygienic routine, make sure that you give consideration to the soap that you use. The anti-bacterial soap could be the major problem.

Affects Your Endocrine

3. Induces Allergies

This is not true for everyone, but trust us – Anti bacterial soaps and their ingredients in some cases can act as an allergy trigger. This is especially more visible in children. Triclosan has a way of affecting the immune system. This makes a child more susceptible to the environment and can make them prone to allergies. Most of the time, we would not be aware of this and make them wash their hands and legs in the same anti bacterial soap that had caused the trigger. Take a good note of the soap your child uses. In case of doubts, have a consultation with your doctor. Before using any soap, make it a general rule to test it on your skin before using them full-fledged.

 Induces Allergies

4. Zero Efficiency With New Bacteria

It is certainly true that an antibacterial soap would be effective in killing bacteria and germs, but at the same time, it should also be noted that it may not be effective against all the types. Also, when we constantly use them, your body fails to get the natural resistance of new bacteria and germs. It may even lead to the development of antibiotic – resistant traits of bacteria. Antibacterial soaps are always of high concentration that when we use them they also eliminate the good bacteria which are needed by your system. Use them under the conditions when your hands and skin are extremely dirty. Apart from that for a regular usage, try using a mild soap which has natural oils in them.

 Zero Efficiency With New Bacteria

5. Causes Fat Buildup

This may sound silly, but what does a soap has to do with our weight gain? The answer is much truer than it may sound. Triclosan is a substance that is used in many countries to artificially fatten up meat animals. Once the triclosan enters our system, they affect our endocrine glands and this leads to weight gain. This may not be applicable for all cases, but however, never ignore that fact of what triclosan does to your body. Never use them for longer durations or frequently. Use a mild soap for washing purpose.

Causes Fat Buildup

Apart from these, antibacterial soaps are not recommended for pregnant women as this may affect the fetus development. Using a mild soap is always advisable and try using a soap that has natural moisturizers in it. They can be safely had for your skin.

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