5 Warning Signs Of Blood Poisoning That You Should Never Ignore

Warning Signs Of Blood Poisoning


Blood can be sensibly classified as the life line of your body. From the moment of your birth, blood continues to flow through your veins and they are in some cases compared to the traffic that transports the essential nutrient and oxygen to every organ of your body. There is no substitute for it and it cannot be manufactured in any environment. Blood transfusion is the only method by which a person can get an additional pint of blood in the needy times. Having said that, any hindrance to their normal functions or any infections that occur in your blood can hamper your organs collectively. Medically this condition is known as Sepsis. Commonly it is known as a condition of blood poisoning. Though it is no way related to poison or toxins, the condition is thus called as the blood behaves abnormally under such circumstances and can affect organs that can be life threatening if not properly treated on time. It typically occurs when the bacteria that would have affected an organ, enters into the blood stream. It mostly affects the lungs, abdomen, or the urinary tracts. In some cases the buildup of such infections is rapid and in some cases they are slow and they do not provide out any signs or symptoms. Irrespective of what it is, blood poisoning sends out some basic indications that all is not well with the body and the carrier vessels. It is important to take note of these signs and get treatment at the earliest. Blood poisoning can be fatal if left untreated. Here are the few important signs to look out for.

Here Are Some Warning Signs Of Blood Poisoning That You Should Never Ignore:

1. Paleness In Face And Skin

Your blood, even though is carried in your veins are in constant touch with your skin. Hence naturally any complications to the blood flow or the cells will have a say on your skin color. Once the red blood cells get disoriented the redness of the skin diminishes and your skin turns to become pale. In some cases this also comes out as white patches on the skin, indicating the symptoms. This is especially visible on your face and your hands. In extreme cases, these patches can turn bright red and can spread to other parts on your skin. Never ignore these symptoms and consult a doctor immediately in case the patches do not go away.

 Paleness In Face And Skin

2. Less Urine Output

Of all the organs blood poisoning affects, the kidneys are by default affected the most. Kidney functionalities depend a lot on a robust blood count and any infection to the blood can change or alter the production of urine. Blood is also responsible for the transportation of metabolic waste and any infections or irregularities can put a stop to this process. In many cases you might be having less output followed by the blood in urine. There can also be instances where there is no urine production at all even though there is a sensation. This is one of the most advanced stages of blood poisoning and this can lead to organ failure. Even if you have a basic sensation of pain or difficulty in passing urine, check with a medical professional immediately.

Less Urine Output

3. Rapid Breathing

Blood poisoning in many cases affects the breathing patterns of an individual. Since the blood gets infected the oxygen transport gets curtailed. This leads to blood clotting in some regions and can even affect their movements. The result – You feel that you are short of breath and in many instances, you would be hyperventilating. This may be felt especially during the nights more where you feel lack of breathing and sometimes you might experience night sweat. These signs are never to be ignored and consult a doctor or a cardiologist immediately.

Rapid Breathing

4. Confusion

While there are practically many reasons for being in a state of confusion, blood poising can also be one such reason. Blood infections can affect the oxygen flow to your brain and this can severely affect its capabilities to perform well. You might be feeling disorganized or confused and sometimes this symptom may occur for a lengthy period of time. The confusion can make you forget the routes, the region you are in and in some cases even the names of basic things around your house. It is fine if these signs occur rarely. However, in case they occur in a routine, seek medical attention immediately as it could be a sign of blood poisoning.


5. Shivering And Chills

When your blood is infected one of the most common sign is a fever that comes and goes. Though the fever may subsidize with medications, it is usually accompanied by severe chills and shivering symptoms, even when the temperature is moderate. Blood poisoning can affect the overall organs of your body in a way and it gradually causes temperature imbalances in your body. Severe chills, perspirations, and quivering sensations are all common signs of such conditions. If your fever is accompanied by such symptoms, take a blood test immediately to rule out blood poisoning.

Shivering And Chills

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