6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Amazing Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Originating from the Moroccan lands, Dragon fruit is better named pitaya, worldwide. It is one of the top graded fruits that is edible and safe, and offers such mind blowing benefits that it is consumed raw, or as salads and smoothies. It owes its fame to the shot of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals it is packed with. To name a few, it is bundled with Vitamin C, riboflavin, fibres, thiamine, carotene, protein and much more. Though it originates from the Moroccan soil, but it is now yielded in Mexico, South America, Florida and islands of west Indies. It is a magical fountain for skin and hair as well. But today, we will focus on 5 of its astounding health benefits that will make you want to consume it daily.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

1. It Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Vitamin B complex is known to be a powerful natural remedy to effectively guard the body cells against improper division [1] . And Dragon fruit is a pile of almost all those vitamins including Vitamin B1, B2 and B3. Additionally loaded with Vitamin C, its power to guard the body from cancer causing free radicals increase manifolds. On top of all, it is blessed with bulk traces of lycopene as well. And lycopene keeps cells healthy by increasing their immunity against inflammation. Which is why, it shields the body from prostate cancer.


2. It Helps In Arthritis

When talking about inflammation, how can one not make a mention of the most dreaded joint  inflammatory disorder, arthritis. It is basically a result of connective tissues losing their power to hold muscles to joints. This results in sharp pain and makes joints stiff and immovable [2] . Dragon fruit, that is coupled with ascorbic acid and Lycopene, makes collagen stronger by ensuring the body’s immune system strengthens. As a result, collagen repairs damaged connective tissues. This reduces arthritic pain manifolds.


3. It Reduces Cholesterol

Nothing is more beneficial for people having high cholesterol than consuming foods that are powerful supplements of omega 3 and omega 6 fats [3] . These are circulating and purification fats that never stick to the arteries and veins, and do not coagulate around the adipose tissues. They are purifying fats, since they basically bind with accumulated cholesterol molecules and bring them to liver for conversion to good cholesterol. And Dragon fruit is a natural warehouse of these fatty acids coupled with oleic acid. Oleic acid further improves the conversion of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol.


4. It Helps In Diabetes

This citrus fruit is a blood sugar regulator and metaboliser for two reasons [4] . One, it keeps a proper check that the sugar level doesn’t show sudden fluctuations from dropping down to shooting up. And two, its power packed fibers ensure proper digestion. And proper digestion means conversion of food into energy, rather than storing sugar in blood as glucose.


5. It helps In Detoxification

Other than being blessed with vitamins and minerals, Dragon fruit is also infused with natural antioxidants anthocyanins. These antioxidants powerfully work against toxins that reduce body’s metabolism. They also kill free radicals and makes the system clear of waste [5] .


6. It Helps In Asthma

Dragon fruit is infused with high amounts of vitamin C. And vitamin C helps in reducing phlegm accumulation in the upper respiratory tract [6] . Which is why, Dragon fruit makes an ideal natural diet supplement that helps people suffering from asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory disorders.


The above listed 6 benefits of dragon fruit can reform from health from scratch and also improve your life’s quality by keeping you safe from diseases.

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