5 Most Common Allergy Triggers That You Should Be Aware Of

Most Common Allergy Triggers That You Should Be Aware Of

The Immune system is the first line of defense your body has against a host of problems that try to grasp your body. They offer a robust functionality and safe guards your system with respect to many illness and ailments. Having said that, we wish to point out that every immune system is unique in a way. i.e. your immunity depends on your individual medical characteristics and lifestyle. Thus what may be acceptable for one person may not agree with the other. This is the exact reason why allergies occur. Allergic reactions do occur when your immune system reacts to certain substances that it deems to be unworthy to your body. Sometimes it mistakes harmless substances like pollens or hairs and reacts to them when none is needed. These cause an allergic symptom and these can range from a mild reaction to a life threatening one. There are many triggers that can induce an allergy in a person. However, there are certain triggers that are more common and it is safe and advisable to take note of these triggers. Let us have a look at them.

Here Are Some Most Common Allergy Triggers That You Should Be Aware Of:

1. Pollen Grains

In our early childhood, we remembered the classes where the teacher explained articulately how plants pollinate. It also indirectly meant one biggest statement- that the air is surrounded by pollens. These pollen grains travel easily by air and can easily be ingested by the air that we breathe. These can cause some allergic reactions in your body. Mostly these are associated with your respiratory tracts and nasal cavities. These do however depend on the seasons and in some cases, these allergic reactions are even known as seasonal flu. For some people, these pollen related allergies can trigger extreme reactions. It would be safe to know your allergic levels and get appropriate medical help immediately.

pollen Grains

2. Animal Hair (Flakes)

Though this might entice animal lovers across the region, you really have to watch out for your pet animal’s hair or flakes. Sometimes these common house hold pets can be the first point of trigger for an allergic reaction. This is much worse for the people who have pets that shed a lot of hairs such as dogs or Persian cats. These can trigger sneezing, itchy nose, nasal congestions and breathing difficulties in some persons. Once again, know your allergic reactions and try to lessen up this animal dander by giving frequent baths to your pets or at least vacuuming them every few days. Wash the bedding or the curtains that have come in contact with your pets regularly.

 Animal Hair (Flakes)

3. Mold

Molds can be a common occurrence in any moist place. The worst part is that mold can grow anywhere there is moisture and this can include wall cracks, tile spaces, and basements of your homes. A majority of the population are allergic to mold at some levels. Molds themselves are not the culprit but they release spores in ample quantities to the environment. These spores once ingested in the human body can be the cause of nasal congestion, eye irritation, and coughing bouts. Regularly clean the areas that are affected by mold or use a professional to get rid of them. Keep your rooms and the bathrooms dry and ventilated. Keep your drainage areas too neat and clear to avoid the mold outgrowth.


4. Fragrance

This may sound strange but there are instances where fragrances from a flower or a perfume have been known to trigger allergic effects in us. The fragrant products can include detergents, scented candles and in some cases even cosmetic products. It reasons with one simple fact- all these products have undoubtedly some ingredients made of chemicals and it is not mandatory that all these chemicals should go well with us. The symptoms induced can range from sneezing, coughing bouts to irritation in the eyes and difficulty in breathing. Know beforehand the type of chemicals used in a new product. Always test a perfume too before buying it. Spray a little on your wrist and make sure that you do not have a reaction to it before going for it.


5. Medications

Unknowingly to us, many medications and prescription drugs that we use can also trigger allergic indications within us. This basically occurs partly due to our immune system. Once we take in the drugs our immune system sometimes treats them as foreign bodies and attack them – triggering allergic reactions. This is one of the most serious types of allergic triggers and has to be dealt with very carefully. It is extremely important to discuss with your doctor about this and the drugs that don’t go well with you, before you take any medications.


Apart from the above, dust mites, cockroaches and insect stings can also set off an allergic reaction. Also, some people are allergic to certain types of food too, like meat or milk products. Know them well before hand and never take risk consuming them.

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