7 Health Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin

Health Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin

While we all make a mention of health boosting foods, but have you ever given a thought to the fact that what makes a super food? Well, almost all foods contain vitamins and minerals and they promote health as well. But a super food is the one whose every part offers health boosting properties. And pumpkin is one of those rare blessing that nature has bestowed us with. Its flesh, pulp, fiber, seeds and juice, all offer multiple health benefits that makes it a must have everyday staple. If you have missed out on this wonder super food until now, we have listed 7 convincing benefits it offers that might just make you realize its worth for a good health.

Health Benefits Of Eating Pumpkin

1. It Reduces Blood Pressure

Pumpkin pulp or what you also call its flesh is infused with powerful phenolic antioxidants [1] . Phenols are powerful boosters that hinder the secretion path of blood pressure triggering enzymes in the body. This reduces the pumping load on heart to do its job it supply optimum oxygen level to each cell. As a result, the extreme pressure with which the blood flows under the influence of blood capillaries dilation stays in limit. Which is why, pumpkins, when made a diet staple, keeps the blood pressure under limit.

Blood Pressure

2. It Helps With Disturbed Sleep

Just like its flesh, its seeds are super valuable too [2] . Sleep is closely associated with the formation and secretion of the hormone called melatonin. Melatonin works as a stress busting natural sedative that induces sleep. Its undersecretion disturbs normal sleep pattern. The source of melatonin origin is tryptophan. Tryptophan goes through a cyclic procedure in which the brain converts it to serotonin and filters serotonin to form melatonin. And pumpkin seeds are a natural warehouse of tryptophan. Which is why, pumpkin is also beneficial for people suffering from insomnia.

Disturbed Sleep

3. It Reduces Cholesterol

It isn’t just tryptophan that finds its house in pumpkin, even alpha-linoleic acid, phytosterols and omega 3 fatty acids are infused in bulk in pumpkin [3] . It is basically the seeds in pumpkin that have higher traces of these agents. They bust accumulated cholesterol molecules, also known as bad cholesterol or HDL, by sticking to them, and flushing them all the way down to the lungs that can convert them into low density lipid or good cholesterol. Thus, pumpkin is a dietary remedy that reduces cholesterol accumulation around blood vessels.

Reduces Cholesterol

4. It Keeps Heart Healthy

Pumpkin is also bundled with edible dietary fibre that actually offers multiple health boosting benefits [4] . Being piled with alpha carotenoids, beta carotenoids and gamma carotenoids, pumpkin fibre keeps a keen eye on the proper functioning of heart. It keeps heart beat, pulse and pumping rate under safe limits. This helps people dealing with cardiovascular diseases by shielding them against sudden blood pressure spiking that can lead to cardiac arrest and heart attack.

Heart Healthy

5. It Makes Bones Stronger

Pumpkin is a small bundle of various antioxidants like phenols and carotenoids, and vitamins like vitamin C and Vitamin E [5] . Additionally, they are also infused with minerals including Magnesium. Magnesium, loaded in pumpkin’s pulp increase bone mineral density. This shields the bones against the danger of developing osteoporosis. Also, it not just reduces the susceptibility of developing bone disorders, it also adds the much needed flexibility to joint and bone connecting tissues. This cuts down tingling and pain caused due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Bones Stronger

6. It Helps With Kidney Infection

Loaded with inflammation reducing antioxidants and vitamins, pumpkin flesh makes an amazing remedy against infections [6] . It keeps the body clear of toxins. This ensures that kidney infection reduces. In fact, pumpkin flesh has been an age old remedy that has been into practice to keep kidneys safe against renal malfunction.

 Kidney Infection

7. It Reduces Cancer Risk

Pumpkin seeds hold the key to reduce the development of prostate cancer [7] . Hormonal fluctuations are the major cell irritants that result in haphazard cell division. And so is the case with prostate cells. Pumpkin is loaded with the power of various vitamins to keep hormonal secretion in the prostate gland under limit.


The above listed 7 health benefits of pumpkin makes it an overall body rescue solution. Other than this, it also makes the body stronger against infections by strengthening the white blood cells.

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