6 Foods To Completely Avoid When You Have Constipation

Foods To Completely Avoid When You Have Constipation

Constipation is a word that can send out jitters to some person. It is not an ailment and it certainly is not a disease. It is just a medical condition, however with far reaching consequences. Only a few known conditions have been associated with so much irritation and frustration on our part. Constipation would be certainly on that list. It is a condition where we would be unable to pass regular stool movements and at times we really have to struggle a lot to pass them out. Not to forget that the condition can lead to irritable bowel syndrome and other medical condition related to your abdomen and digestive tract. There are many reasons why constipation occurs and your diet is undoubtedly one of them. In many scenarios, it is only the diet that forms the major part of the condition. In simplest terms, the food that you eat should contain fibers. Fibers are extremely good for the digestion process and in the removal of waste extracts. The trouble begins when we focus more on energy giving foods and tend to ignore some foods that contain fiber. Apart from this we sometimes totally ignore the type of ingredients that we put in our food and this is certainly not a healthy option for your body. Some foods have to be totally avoided when you are suffering from constipation as it would further worsen the symptoms. We have compiled a list of such foods for your benefits. Check them out and try avoiding them when you are suffering from constipation.

Some Foods To Completely Avoid When You Have Constipation:

1. Dairy Foods

Dairy foods like milk, cheese, and creams have a reputation of having the least content of fiber in them. It is true that dairy products are rich in other sources of nutrients but they work out best only when you have a smooth functioning digestive system. When you have trouble in your systems these food products do not get dissolved completely and it would be hard for your break and absorb their nutrients. They result in constipation and having them regularly may even prolong the symptoms. Avoid any form of dairy products when you suffer from constipation.

Dairy Foods

2. Red Meats

Red meats can be had occasionally when your health is fit and sane. However, do not give any second thoughts to avoid them when you are suffering from constipation. Red meats make you full and there are not good sources of fiber. Also, they are extremely hard to digest thus breaking them out would damage your digestive system further. Though you can add in ingredients like sweet potatoes to add the fiber quotient, it would be safe till your constipation signs come down gradually.

Red Meats

3. Potato Chips

While the world loves a potato chip ignoring the ill effects, you make sure to avoid them when you have constipation. Ever wondered why you feel full after eating such a delicate pack of potato chips? The reason is they are full of fats. Also, these are not easily digestible in your system. Hence you feel full most of the times and the lack of proper digestion leads to constipation. There is also no value addition nutrients in it and having them frequently can lead to further complications health wise.

Potato Chips

4. Frozen Food

There is a reason why we go for properly cooked foods. The main reasons are that the heat which is prevalent in the foods while cooking releases all the nutrients that are needed by your body and also aid in the proper breakage of foods in the system. This simply does not happen in frozen foods or frozen takeaways. They are high in fat and also low in fiber contents and they do cause some damages to your intestines when had frequently. Never have such frozen foods when you are suffering from constipation as it would simply aggravate the issue.

Frozen Dinner

5. Cookies

This is sure to raise some eyebrows but the ever adorable cookies have to be avoided when you have constipation. Most of the cookies even the home baked ones are loaded with flour and high carbohydrates. Not to forget that they are also high in fat. Combined together, these factors make them hard on your digestion. Reduce their intake and if you are opting for a snack, get a fruit based snack as an option.


6. Green Bananas

You would have heard a million times about how the banana is the most fiber rich food and how it helps in constipation. But there is a catch- never ever go for green bananas or the unripe bananas as they cause the direct opposite effect. Unripe bananas are hard to digest and they do not up the fiber levels in your system. The same goes for the green bananas. While it is good to have them, during constipation avoid these bananas as much as possible. Do check out if they are really ripe before consuming. Good ripe bananas can be beneficial for constipation issues.

Green Bananas

Apart from these, stay away from foods that are fried. Take lots of vegetables and fiber rich fruits under such circumstances.

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