5 Homemade Tomato Juice Face Masks For Skin Revitalization

Homemade Tomato Juice Face Masks

Recently there has been lots of talk about antioxidants and how much they are beneficial for your health. In simple terms, antioxidants can be beneficial in oxygenating your body and cells. It is no wonder that the same principle of antioxidant logic can be applied even to your skin. There are many products that have come across in the markets that staunchly advertise the use of antioxidants and how much they benefit your skin. Of course, for people on the lookout for something natural, we have something in store for you. It is now time to introduce you to this wonder fruit that is a house hold name and is effervescent in its characteristics. It goes by the name “As red as a Tomato..”. Well, we leaked the name here- It’s the tomato; one of the most interesting fruits which has tons of vitamin C and carotenoids that are beneficial for your skin. It is also anti bacterial in nature and it helps a great deal in the pH balance of your skin. It can be made into a pulp easily and the juice can be used in a wide range of homemade face masks that can be simply enriching for your skin. We have made a few such sample face masks. Try them out and see the difference.

Here Are Some Homemade Tomato Juice Face Masks For Skin Revitalization:

1. Tomato With Avocado Pack

This can be termed as one of the classic rich face packs as this combines both the beauty benefits of tomato and avocado. Take two medium sized tomatoes and grind or mash them to a pulp. You can take out the seeds if needed. Now scoop out the flesh of a medium sized avocado fruit and mix it with the tomato juice. Add in a couple of drops of honey to the mix and beat well. Now, spread the mix as layers on your face and allow it to rest for some 30 minutes. Wash it off later with cool water.

Tomato With Avocado Pack

2. Tomato With Crushed Oat Pack

This type of mask is best used when you prefer to exfoliate your skin. Skin exfoliation is needed to get rid of the dead skin tissues and antioxidant rich tomato juices can help out in that. Take 2 tomatoes and extract the seeds and mash them to a pulp. To add it two table spoon of crushed oatmeal and a table spoon of fresh yogurt. Mix them well and pat the mixture on your face gently. Let it rest for some half an hour before rinsing your face with cold water. Use crushed oat meal so that it does not become coarse on your skin.

Tomato With Crushed Oat Pack

3. Tomato With Aloe Vera Pack

This type of mask can be used when you would like to moisturize your skin. Aloe Vera is best under the circumstances and with the combination of tomatoes; they can retain the natural softness of your skin. Crush a tomato to a pulp and add in 2 teaspoons of fresh Aloe Vera gel or juice. Also, add in a pinch of lime juice to the mix and stir well. You can even refrigerate this mask for some time to get it chilled. Later apply it on your face and wait for some time allowing it to settle. Wash off after a good 20 – 30 minutes later to get the freshened up skin. You can try this once a week.

Tomato With Aloe Vera Pack

4. Tomato With Turmeric Pack

Instead of acknowledging fairness creams you can opt for this mask for retaining the natural radiance of your face and skin. This also makes use of turmeric which is antibacterial and this mask is effective against acnes and pimples. Pulp some two tomatoes and add in half a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it. The mix can be a bit raw, hence add in a few drops of almond oil or olive oil. Mix well and apply it on your face. After some 30 minutes, wash the pack off from your face. Turmeric has a tendency to leave a yellowish tinge on your skin and face when used. This is normal and the color will fade away on its own.

Tomato With Turmeric Pack

5. Tomato With Cucumber Pack

This is one of the chilled out pack that can be used to control the temperature of your skin. Cucumber can help a great deal in those departments. Take two tomatoes and extract out the seeds. Now add in half a piece of cucumber to it and grind them to a squash. Add in some lavish drops of honey to the mix and spread it on your face. Feel the chillness and let it absorb for some 30 minutes. Later wash off with cold water and dry your skin.

Tomato With Cucumber Pack

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