3 Remedies For Overnight Head Lice Treatment

Remedies For Overnight Head Lice Treatment

Remedies For Overnight Head Lice Treatment

Head lice treatment can seem rather time consuming. There are simple overnight treatments that work while you sleep. With head lice it is important that everyone in the household is treated even if there are no signs of infection as a precaution. Head lice can spread by contact with the hair and head from one person to the next.

Pillow Cases Should Be Changed Daily

Pillow Case

Pillow cases, sheets and other bedding should be changed daily. These items can be washed in warm or hot water with detergent. It is not necessary to apply other chemicals or agents since lice cannot survive off of the head and die quickly once they no longer have the host to live on. Eggs or nits also will die once removed from the scalp.

Undergoing a head lice treatment should be handled with diligence to eliminate the infestation. Lice are small insects that do not have wings, nor can they jump. They will be a brownish-red in color after feeding on blood from the scalp. The female louse lays nits daily at the base of the hair closest to the scalp. The hardest part of eliminating head lice are the removal of the nits.

Apply Vaseline To Head


Vaseline can be used as a head lice treatment. Generously apply the Vaseline to the head and scalp. The scalp should be well covered and the hair evenly distributed with Vaseline. Then put on a shower cap and make sure all hair is tucked under the shower cap. Leave the shower cap on a sleep overnight. Upon waking, remove the shower cap and using a comb brush through the hair to remove nits from the scalp. Wash the hair with shampoo and rinse.

The Vaseline will work to pick up nits out of the hair while suffocating the live insects. Since the nits are attached to the hair with a glue-like secretion, it is equally important to comb out the hair. Continue the head lice treatment until all signs of head lice are gone.

Wash the Comb


The comb or brush and shower cap can we washed in hot water with dish detergent in-between uses to remove nits and dead lice.


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