Getting Rid of Foot Fungus Naturally!


If you do not like using commercial products that may contain chemicals that are harmful to yourself or the environment then try looking in your own cabinet! Foot fungus can be aggravating and humiliating. Do not waste your time and money on commercial products that may or may not work.

Get rid of your foot fungus quickly without missing out on flip flops and barefoot adventures!

All you need is a good antiseptic and some baby powder! This can usually be found in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet.

Garlic has been used for thousands of things because of its strong antiseptic properties. Simply puree about five cloves and spread it on the toenails and surrounding skin, let it sit for five to ten minutes and rinse off. Repeat this three times a day until the fungus is gone. If you don’t wish to stink up your nails any further you can also add approximately five to six teaspoons of garlic into your daily meals.


Also it never hurts to up your intake of Zinc by taking a supplement or adding things like peanuts, pumpkin seeds, oysters, and chocolate.


You want to eliminate the habitat where fungus likes to grow which is in warm, moist areas. Some steps to do this are to wear socks and shoes that don’t suffocate your feet like cotton materials and other natural fibers. Sprinkle some baby powder or baking soda on your feet and rub it around before putting on your socks. Never wear dirty socks; this is a sure way to get foot fungus.

Shoes And Socks

Stick to these remedies like an addiction and you will have soft, fungus-free feet just in time for the warm weather! Even though there are plenty of commercial products out there that are successful in curing foot fungus why spend the money when you have everything you need at home? Using home remedies is hassle free and there is no risk at all to your body or the environment. In fact, most ingredients improve your health and have positive side affects rather then negative.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.