Home Remedies For Avian Flu

Avian FluNot too long ago, Bird Flu was confined to birds only. Chickens were the ones to fall into the disease first and the other birds followed suit. Now the scenario turned to see people falling sick with Avian Flu across the countries which seems to become a public concern in recent times.

This is a contagious disease so to speak which emerged in Hong Kong first in the year 1997 and it is preying on the human race since then. If you’re looking to treat Avian flu medically, let me tell you there is no such flagship treatment.

However, it is very well treated with homely methods and even raise a precaution against it for that matter. Herbs and home remedies are well trusted over the years which don’t also render any side effects. For a speedy recovery from Avian Flu you can try on the under mentioned methods:

Effective Home Remedies For Avian Flu


Garlic is very much anti bacterial and effective in Avian Flu. It is, on the other side a natural medicine too. Herbalists swear by garlic for its anti-biotic and anti bacterial properties.


You can consume garlic in many ways. Just chew a few cloves of raw garlic and make some garlic for yourself. Either way, Garlic helps you out of Avian Flu.


Turmeric is rich with the compound Curcumin. This is known to sooth the inflammation from Avian Flu and the other lethal effects of Bird Flu.


This takes care to correct the immune system and eliminates the inflammation making agents. Curcumin rivals the inflammatory agents to uproot Avian Flu from within. You may chew turmeric cloves raw or use it while preparing food.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral which corrects the immune system. Once your immune system is corrected, your body gets new energy to fight with Avian Flu. Alongside, it enhances the immune system with blood and lymphatic systems to rise against Avian Flu. You may just chew some raw or drink the extract raw.

Oil of Oregano

Anti-bacterial in nature, Oregano oil has germ killing properties and blessed with the potency as same as the strong antibiotics.

Oregano Oil

So needless to say this brushes a strong effect on the body to raise a cure for Avian Flu.  Oregano oil is pretty easily available in the market.

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Eucalyptus Oil

Mix 2-3 drops of Tea tree oil with Eucalyptus oil into a bowl full of steaming water. Let it boil until there is a lot of steam to inhale.

Eucalyptus Oil

Cover the head with a towel and inhale the steam and see the congested nasal passages clearing. It also eliminates the infections caused by Avian Flu with the anti-viral properties.

Staying Warm

Mix one teaspoon of homey in a glass of rum and whisky and drink to stay warm. Cover yourself well with a warm shawl or heavy clothing to keep you from catching further cold.

Green Tea

Being rich in antiviral properties, Sipping green tea everyday pushes back the possibilities of Avian Flu.

green tea

It hinders the production of neuraminidase, which is an essential enzyme for the bird flu virus to grow big. So, drink plenty of Green Tea every day.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C supplements are known to boost the immune system and fight viral infection. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C.

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