How to Treat All Aneurysms

Treat All Aneurysms

Treat All Aneurysms

Aneurysm are a very serious condition. They occur when a blood-filled bulge forms on the wall of a weakened area in an artery. Aneurysms commonly occur in the abdomen and brain and if not treated can lead to serious health conditions. Stroke, coma and even death are some examples.The type of aneurysm treatment that you need depends on the severity of the aneurysm. It also depends on the cause. Most unruptured aneurysms cannot be cured, but the are some aneurysm treatments that can help prevent and heal an unruptured aneurysm. Smoking tobacco makes you more susceptible to aneurysms. Therefore, the first step in prevention is quitting smoking. It is proven that people that smoke are much more likely to get aneurysm.

Keep BP Under Control

Also, the aneurysm are more likely to rupture if you are a smoker, so quitting is highly important. Another aneurysm treatment is to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control. People that have high blood pressure and high cholesterol are more likely to get aneurysms. If you have good levels then you’re on the right track. If you levels are a little high, you should speak with your doctor about taking a pill that can help control your levels.


The are two types of ruptured aneurysm treatment. They are both surgeries and both do similar things. The first one, is surgical clipping. This involves a small metal clip that is attached to the end of the aneurysm. This will stop blood flow to the aneurysm and also release some pressure. It is best for larger aneurysms.The other type of surgery is called endovascular coiling. This is a milder surgery that the clipping. A small tube is inserted into an artery and sends it through the body to the aneurysm. Next, a small wire is sent through the tube to the aneurysm. The wire coils in the aneurysm causing the blood flow to stop and the blood to clot. The clotting with close the aneurysm and stop it from growing.

Avoid Smoking

Aneurysm treatments are limited to two major surgeries. To avoid having to use these aneurysm treatments, you should take all precautions to avoid aneurysms. Do not smoke, eat healthy, exercise and maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Doing so will help you stay healthy and aneurysm free.


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