8 Natural Cures For Cataract

Cataract Did you know that the main cause of blindness is cataract? The clouding caused by free radicals on the lens of the eyes leads to blurred vision and loss of focus. Cataract is very progressive; it damages the eyes really fast.However, the condition is not painful. Now you can cure cataract sitting at home using natural products. Listed below are the most effective natural cures for cataract.

How To Cure For Cataract

Rose And Raspberry Eyewash

Rose And Raspberry Add four tablespoons of raspberry leaves in one small container of rose petals. Pour four cups of water in the container. Place the container on medium flame. Do not remove until water comes to a boil.Allow the water to cool for at least half an hour before straining and using as eyewash. This is not meant for internal use; splash cold water in eyes if the mixture happens to enter.

Eyebright Herb

Eyebright Herb The extract from this herb can be used as an eye drop. Direct application is safe and recommended by doctors; in fact the extract is used in many commercial eye drops available in chemist’s shops.

Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables Eating green veggies is useful not only for curing but also for preventing the occurrence of cataract. Since cataract generally affects old people, doctors recommend aging persons to consume green leafy vegetables.Spinach must be part of daily diet. Carotenoid present in spinach protects the retina and the tissues in the eye.

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Foods To Avoid To Cure Cataract Naturally

Any food item containing saturated fat, especially dairy products, aggravate the formation of cataract on the eye lens. They release free radicals which cause cataract.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Foods rich in vitamin c, for example fruits like cherry, blackberry and blueberry protect the retina, strengthen eye blood vessels, reduce pressure in the eye glaucoma and in this way stop the further growth of cataract. But vitamin C has to be consumed at the early stages to cure cataract.

Almond And Pepper Therapy

Almond And Pepper Therapy Take equal numbers of pepper and almond pieces and grind them into powder form in a mixture. Add ground sugar to this mixture. After mixing well, pass through a sieve and store in an airtight container.Take two teaspoons of the mixture twice everyday to cure cataract permanently. Preferably use white pepper in the mixture. You can also add ghee before consuming it.

Coriander Seed And Fennel Seed Therapy

Coriander Seed And Fennel Seed Therapy Grind the two ingredients into powder form and then add brown sugar. Mix well before use. Consume ten grams of the mixture twice a day.

Onion And Honey Therapy

Onion And Honey Therapy Extract the juice of one medium sized onion and mix it with 10 milliliters of pure honey. For better results, add camphor to the mixture. Make sure that the mixture is in the form of a thick paste when you store in a glass container.Take the paste on your fingertip and apply as you would apply kajal each night before going to bed. Though this may cause burning in eyes, it removes cataract successful.

Cow Milk

Cow Milk Fresh cow milk is used for the treatment of all types of eye problems including cataract. Drinking two glasses of cow’s milk everyday will help to remove the opacity of eyes.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.