Stress Can Cause Fatigue

There is so much stress in our world.  There is job stress, home stress, money stress, deadline stress, schedule stress and the list goes on.  This constant stress in our lives can result in anxiety, depression and fatigue.  We often do not have much control of the things that cause us stress, so we must learn ways to cope with it and minimize the damage that it does to us.

The Fight or Flight Reaction

When we are stressed, our bodies go into the fight or flight reaction.  We need to train ourselves to relax in order to reduce the energy loss and fatigue that result from constantly being ready to fight or flee.  Meditation is a technique that helps to moderate this reaction and bring our minds into the present moment.  Meditation does not have to be a big deal.  Just taking a few deep breaths and concentrating on the sensation of the air entering and leaving the body is a form of meditation.  Prayer is another form of meditation that can also reduce stress and fatigue.  Many forms of exercise like walking, running, swimming and yoga can also be meditations.

Diet to Reduce Fatigue

Certain foods can contribute to feelings of fatigue.  If you have difficulty digesting gluten from wheat or lactose from dairy products, you may find that your energy rises when you begin to use gluten-free or lactose-free foods.  Too much sugar can cause feelings of fatigue when the sugar high wears off.  Limit white sugar and high-fructose corn syrup in your diet and replace it with agave syrup or stevia.  These substitutes are just as sweet but they do not cause the sugar high.

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In most cases, eating more whole foods and low-fat proteins can decrease your symptoms of fatigue and help you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Herbs for Fatigue

The herbs that seem to reduce fatigue and increase energy are also the herbs that stimulate the immune system and increase stamina.  Ginseng has been used for centuries for this and many other benefits.  Ginseng is available as a tea, a powder, capsules and tinctures.

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