Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Uterine Fibroid

Uterine fibroids are the lumps that originate in the uterus. Fibroids can occur inside or outside the wall of uterus. Uterine fibroids often described based upon their location within the uterus are also known as myoma, uterine leiomyoma and fibromyoma.

Uterine Fibroid Remedies

Uterine fibroids usually interfere with pregnancy, so it’s better to visit the doctor once you start suffering from uterine symptoms such as back pain, gushing periods, painful intercourse, infertility, uterine bleeding, pressure on the rectum, urge to urinate often or pressure in the belly. To make sure whether it is a uterine fibroid, doctor will first ask whether you are suffering from any of the symptoms.

The doctor will then do a pelvic exam and have an ultrasound to check the size of your uterus. Oral contraceptives, Genetic abnormalities, consumption of alcohol, uterine infections, hypertension, injured tissue and abnormalities in blood vessel are the main causes of uterine fibroid. Uterine fibroid is very common and occurs in almost 50 % of women.

Fibroid is strongly dependent on estrogen and progesterone levels, both are regarded as growth- promoting because they will cause restriction in some circumstances. Fibroids shrink after menopause and stop causing uterine symptoms. Below given are a few herbs that will help in treating uterine fibroid.

Herbal Remedies For Uterine Fibroid


Chaste-berry is an excellent herb also known as “vitex” is a fantastic shrub that is native to Central Asian countries. It has dark purple berries that is useful in medicines and contains constituents that helps to nourish your endrocine system and enhances your body to obtain hormonal balance naturally.

Vitex affect hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle abnormalities and symptoms of menopause. Chaste-berry is very much available in tablet, tincture or capsule form. 40-50 drops of extract two times a day helps to treat your uterine fibroid.


Dong Quai

Dong Quai also known as ‘Angelica Sinensis’ is the most powerful tonic for fertility herb that helps to regulates hormonal level and improves uterine tone, moreover helps to strengthen “weakened uterus”.

Dong Quai has a relaxing effect on the uterus and nervous system. It can be taken as a tea, just boil the leaves in the water and drink it 2-3 times a day to avoid fibroid symptoms. Dong Quai herb, is to be strictly avoided during pregnancy and when there is excess menstrual flow.

dong quai

Castor Oil

Castor oil packs are a good choice when it comes to treat uterus. Castor oil penetrates in the internal organs and shrinks small fibroids when applied to the abdomen.

Prepare a pack of castor oil and warm in microwave for less than a minute and place over the affected area, relax and repeat this for pain relief.

castor oil

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Nettle leaves is a perennial flowering plant that has fine hair’s with anti-inflammatory properties and is used to treat urinary tract infections and pains. Boil 1 teaspoon of nettle leaves in 1 cup of water for 5 to 10 minutes and take it before every meal for a month to shrink fibroid.

nettle tea


Red raspberry leaves also known as ‘Rubus Idaeus’ contains calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, minerals and vitamins and contains alkaloid, which helps to tone the uterus.

It also has important components like flavonoids, antioxidants and ellagic acid that help to treat fibroid and brewed as an infusion or tea, also best known for uterine and pregnancy tonic herb.

Avoid taking alcohol, as it will only worsen the problem. Many herbs like dandelion, licorice, cinnamon, herbal tea and goldenseal help to treat uterine fibroid.

raspberry tea

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