Top 6 Symptoms Of Tubal Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is also commonly known as tubal pregnancy. This is a condition where the egg that is fertilized would implant itself in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. This is why most of the people also refer to this condition as tubal pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Tubal Pregnancy

As there is no sufficient place for the fetus to grow in the tube it burst the tube, sometimes the pregnancy automatically terminates. However, if the tube bursts it can result in a lot of complications. In this article we would have a quick look into the various symptoms of tubal pregnancy. Many women do not even realize as they do not have any symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. In such cases it is the early scan that can diagnose the condition.

Common Symptoms Of Tubal Pregnancy

Initial Symptoms

The initial symptoms of tubal pregnancy are just like the symptom of a normal pregnancy. A missed period, vomiting, tender breast, increase in the number of urination and nausea. Normally one can figure out that it is ectopic pregnancy somewhere around the fourth week of pregnancy when slowly the other symptoms start to show up.


Vaginal Bleeding

This is the most common symptom of tubal pregnancy. This begins with spotting and slowly the bleeding begins. The bleeding need not necessarily be continuous. The vaginal bleeding that happens during tubal pregnancy is very different from the bleeding that is there during the regular period. The color of the blood is dark red under this condition. Many women presume that it is their regular period and do not even comprehend that they are pregnant. The color and the discontinuous flow is a sign that it is not a regular period.

Abdominal Pain

Another symptom of tubal pregnancy is pain in one side of the abdomen. The pain is usually very sharp and persistent. The pain is felt on one side of the abdomen. In some cases the pain might not be continuous but then it would keep recurring.

abdomen pain

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Pain In The Shoulder

This is one of the most popular symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. One can feel a shooting pain in the tip of the shoulder that is  the place exactly where the arms begin. The reason why this pain arises is still not known, in spite of that, this is a symptom that means the internal bleeding has begun. The pain is very irritating and this pain can also cause a referred pain in the phenic nerve.

shoulder pain

Bowel Pain

The woman suffering from this condition would notice a pain every time during the bowel movement. She can notice a sharp pain while passing urine and stools, as well.

bowel pain

Other Symptoms

The other common symptoms include the following, dizziness, a very low blood pressure this could be because of the increased loss of blood, the level of the HCG that is the human chorionic gonadotropin is very low. Also the person suffers from sever diarrhea and vomiting. When a woman notices all or any of these symptoms it is advisable to contact a physician immediately to avoid further complications.