Home Remedies for Nausea

Nausea cannot be termed as an illness as it is a symptom of various medical conditions experienced by people occasionally. It can simply be termed as a body reaction towards different kinds of illnesses present in the body. In most cases, nausea goes hand in hand with vomiting. It is a sensation of the need to vomit and can be short lived in most cases, although it is possible to have this feeling for an extended period of time. These prolonged periods are what can prove to be hard to manage and treatment maybe called for such cases.

Some of the symptoms patients suffer when experiencing nausea include dizziness, stomach pain, sweating and vomiting. Other symptoms closely related to nausea include headaches, back pain and fatigue and sometimes even diarrhea as a result of the stomach pain.

When it comes to the causes of nausea, the list is endless especially when related to the various conditions that have nausea as a symptom. However, there are a few causes for nausea that can be highlighted and include digestion problems, morning sickness associated with pregnant women and sea or motion sickness. Other causes are stress, alcohol, drugs, medications and chemotherapy as well as overreacting. Food intolerance and other kinds of illnesses could also lead to nausea.

Since nausea can prove to be very irritating and uncomfortable, there is a need to seek treatment especially in cases where the condition takes a long time to be cured. The good news however is that there is no need to worry about treatment as there are simple natural remedies for the treatment of nausea which are easy to find and have been proven to be effective in dealing with the symptom. The natural remedies for nausea are safe to use as they are made of natural herbs and other safe products found within the house giving fast relief to those going through the problem.

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Home Remedies for Nausea

Gingerroot as a Home Remedy for Nausea

Gingerroot Properties: Gingerroot contains curative properties which help in the fast relief of severe cases of nausea. The root works by soothing the stomach and getting rid of the vomiting feeling hence dealing with the problem fast.

Using Gingerroot as a Treatment for Nausea:
Take gingerroot in the form of capsules at least twice daily to get rid of nausea fast. The root can also be used in water in the form of powder and then the mixture can be taken as treatment for nausea. This is one of the best natural remedies for nausea.

Ginger as a Natural Remedy for Nausea

Ginger Properties: Ginger contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in the soothing and healing of stomach problems. It also helps in proper digestion and absorption of food which is a major cause for nausea. The remedy can also be used in food regularly as a diet for nausea.

Using Ginger as a Cure for Nausea:
Cut a piece of the fresh root of ginger then add it into your cup of tea. Results should be experienced within the first few minutes of taking the remedy as it works fast in soothing the stomach thereby getting rid of the problem fast. It is considered one of the best natural remedies for nausea and is largely used for the treatment of other conditions of the digestive system.

Red Raspberry as a Home Remedy for Nausea

Red Raspberry Properties: Red raspberry has essential minerals and nutrients which help in the treatment of nausea. It promotes good digestions and absorption as well as soothes the stomach getting rid of nausea with ease. This is a simple but effective way of treating nausea.

Using Red Raspberry as a Treatment for Nausea:
The herb can be added to boiling water to come up with a tea. You should then take it twice a day to get rid of the feeling. The berries can also be blended into juice and then taken several times to get rid of nausea fast.

Chamomile Tea as a Natural Remedy for Nausea

Chamomile Tea Properties: Chamomile is largely used for aromatherapy because of the pleasant smell it has. It is a great home remedy for getting the feeling of nausea out of you and it works within a very short period of time compared to other remedies. Smell and taste can play a big role in the treatment of conditions which makes the herb essential in this kind of treatment.

Using Chamomile as a Cure for Nausea:
The herb can be dried and then ground into powder. The powder is then used in brewing tea. A tablespoon of the powder can be added to boiling water and then sipped to give quick relief from nausea.

Peppermint as a Home Remedy for Nausea

Peppermint Properties: Peppermint contains important minerals which have been found to work well in the treatment of nausea. The smell and taste of the herb has the ability to soothe the stomach eliminating the need to vomit which effectively takes care of nausea.

Using Peppermint as a Treatment for Nausea:
Take a few leaves of peppermint then add it to boiling water. After cooling, the water should be ingested at least twice to get rid of the feeling. The remedy is most effective when taken still hot or a bit warm to soothe the stomach fast.

Apple Cider Vinegar as a Natural Remedy for Nausea

Apple Cider Vinegar Properties: This is one of the best home remedies for nausea as it contains essential minerals that help in the digestion process. The minerals also help in the proper absorption of food lowering the cases of feeling nauseated. It is also a great home remedy for women going through morning sickness.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar as a Cure for Nausea:
A tablespoonful of the vinegar should be mixed with honey before then added in a cold glass of water. To get best results in the morning, the remedy should be taken before retiring to bed to avoid attacks of morning sickness.

Wheat Germ as a Home Remedy for Nausea

Wheat Germ Properties: the various compounds found in wheat germ are what make it a good natural remedy for nausea. Apart from getting rid of vomiting bouts, it helps in stopping diarrhea mostly associated with nausea cases. It is a good natural remedy for pregnant women experiencing morning sickness as well.

Using Wheat Germ as a Treatment for Nausea:
Take a glass of water and add two tablespoons of the germ before drinking. This remedy should be taken every hour until the nauseating feeling disappears. It is one of the most beneficial natural remedies for nausea.

Rice Water as a Natural Remedy for Nausea

Rice Water Properties: Rice water has the ability to assist proper bowel movements by improving the digestion and absorption of foods into the body. The water is used largely for the treatment of different conditions related to the digestive system, as it is very effective. It is actually one of the simplest but most effective home remedies for nausea and other conditions.

Using Rice Water as a Cure for Nausea:
Take half cup rice and boil it in water for around 20 minutes. After boiling, the water should be drained and then taken to effectively take care of nausea cases. The remedy can be used every time nausea attacks as a way of suppressing the symptom that can leave one feeling disoriented.

Cumin Seeds as a Home Remedy for Nausea

Cumin Seeds Properties: Cumin seeds have anti-inflammatory properties which are effective in dealing with stomach problems that could be resulting from the nausea attacks. The seeds are also used for the treatment of other condition affecting the digestive system as they have proven to be very beneficial to patients suffering from a variety of symptoms.

Cure for Nausea Using Cumin Seeds:
Take a handful of the seeds and grind them into fine powder before consuming. The powder can be added into a glass of milk or water and then taken as an effective way of getting rid of vomiting and nausea. It is among the simplest natural remedies for nausea.

Other Home Remedies for Nausea

The simplest among all home remedies for treating nausea is emptying the stomach. This is especially helpful in cases where food intolerance is the main cause of the nausea and vomiting feeling. This can be done by inducing vomiting using clean fingers.

Take a few tablespoons of syrup that is not carbonated to relieve the system. The carbohydrates found in the non-carbonated syrup helps in calming the stomach eventually getting rid of the nausea. This is a simple but effective remedy of getting rid of the annoying feeling.

Heat water and then add a little amount of baking soda before consuming. The remedy is very effective in dealing with nausea but should be avoided by expectant mothers, because it can be harmful to the baby. This should be repeated until the feeling of nausea is completely gone.

Squeeze juice from lime and then drink a glass of the juice several times in a day as a way of treating nausea. A little salt can be added into the juice to help in the fast soothing of the stomach getting rid of the symptom fast.

Take cinnamon powder and make tea by adding a good amount in boiling water. The remedy can be taken at least every hour to effectively get rid of nausea. This is a simple remedy for nausea and has proven to be very beneficial even in dealing with other stomach problems that could be underlying.

Take dill pickle juice and sip every few hours as treatment for nausea. The juice works by soothing the stomach and promotes proper digestion which is a major cause for nausea.

People feeling nauseated can also suck on ice chips, popsicles or ice cubes as a simple way of dealing with the problem of nausea. Sucking on a lemon wedge or that of lime can also be helpful in getting rid of the feeling.

Garlic cloves can be used for treating nausea. The cloves can simply be in the mouth and then slowly sucked on to help soothe the stomach. Cardamom can also be used in the same manner to fetch good results for nausea cases. The cloves have proven to be very helpful in dealing with nausea and are therefore widely used. Garlic can also be used when preparing meals as a proper diet for nausea cases.

Cut a small piece of lemon and add rock salt then suck or eat the piece. The remedy works wonders in eliminating nausea and remains to be among the simplest home remedies for nausea.

Take slippery elm and add it to boiling water. After a few minutes of boiling, strain and allow cooling before then consuming the water. This can be done several times a day to help in the cure of nausea.

Another very simple remedy for nausea is drinking plenty of plain water. The water is essential as it assists in proper bowel movements and aids proper digestion and absorption of foods into the bloodstream thereby keeping cases of nausea at bay.

Other essential remedies for nausea include barberry, mint tea, feverfew and licorice tea all of which have proven to be very beneficial for those suffering from this symptoms.

Diet for Nausea and other Precautions

People suffering from nausea should ensure that they stay away from caffeinated beverages, soft drinks and carbonated water, as they only tend to worsen the condition by irritating bowels. Instead, enough water and fresh fruit juices can be taken to aid in the treatment of the symptom.

Increase intakes of foods rich in fiber such as applesauce, toast, banana and rice. This is essential in promoting proper bowel movement.

Foods rich in carbohydrates should also be included in daily meals as it is essential in keeping nausea cases at bay.

Always avoid foods which are too oily or are too spicy as they lead to stomach problems hence nausea.

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet at all times. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken as a diet for nausea as they contain all essential minerals and nutrients to keep nausea and other symptoms related to the stomach at bay.

Eat less food to promote proper and fast digestion. Instead of eating large meals, they can be broken down into small but frequent meals as a way of letting proper digestion and absorption take place thereby avoiding cases of nausea.

Always avoid retiring to bed immediately after eating meals as the position can lead to the feeling of nausea. One should allow at least 30 minutes for the food to settle before then retiring to bed.

Another simple precaution of dealing with nauseas is sleeping on the right hand side. This helps in the prevention of contents from the stomach coming back into the mouth thereby causing vomiting.

Exercising is also crucial in dealing with nausea and yoga has proven to be an effective way of dealing with the problem. It is also a good way of promoting metabolism.

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