Home Remedies for Body Rash

Body rashes can be quite irritating as they come together with itching on the affected area of the body. The itching that varies from mild to severe is normally the very first sign of body rash in both adults and children. Although the exact cause of the skin condition is not known, there are a few factors known to trigger it and they include food allergies, dry skin, skin allergies and skin diseases such as psoriasis, scabies and acne. Other underlying medical conditions could also lead to the infection.

Other symptoms to look out for when it comes to body rash are inflammation, burning sensation, bumps, dry scaly patches and lesions filled with fluid. Apart from itching, they can be extremely painful making life unbearable for those suffering from the condition. The rashes can appear on any part of the body although in most cases they attack the back side, stomach and the face.

Even though this skin condition rarely becomes serious, it is always good to take care of it to prevent prolonged suffering. There are several treatments for rashes the very first being to avoid foods which you are allergic to. There are also natural home remedies that one can use instead of other forms of medications. The home remedies for body rashes are effective and this is an easy and inexpensive way of dealing with rashes. Natural remedies for the treatment of body rashes are easily found in your kitchen or they can be purchased from local stores at very fair prices.

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Natural Home Remedies for Body Rash

Aloe Vera

Properties: Aloe Vera has a clear gel that contains active ingredients which have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The ingredients are highly concentrated in this herb and work effectively on skin rashes. The effectiveness of the Aloe Vera has been proved by medical studies.

Treating body rash at home using Aloe Vera:
After getting the plant, you can squeeze out the pulp and apply it on the affected area. The gel will dry on the skin within a few minutes but you should allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes before washing it off. This can be repeated two times a day or can be done every night and washed off in the morning until the rashes disappear.

Cod-liver Oil

Properties: Cod-liver oil has omega 3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory thereby relieving body rash symptoms. The acids also prevent allergic reactions which are known to be a major cause of rashes.

Treating body rash at home using Cod-liver oil:
The oil can be bought from a department store in case you do not have any in your house. Simply apply the oil onto the affected area and cover the area with a pad. You can use a cotton ball to apply the oil. Let the oil sit for at least half an hour before washing it off. This procedure should be repeated daily until the rash fades away.

Basil Leaves

Properties:Basil leaves are famed for their cooling effect which work wonders in cooling the irritations of body rashes. You will find that the rashes do not feel as itchy as they were and they will eventually start drying as you continue using the leaves.

Treating body rashes using basil leaves:
Grind the leaves and apply the paste on the affected area. After about 10 minutes, wash the paste off using cold water. Repeat this at least two times daily. You can use the leaves together with mint leaves for maximum results. The rash will eventually dry and start vanishing leaving your skin feeling amazingly supple. .


Properties:Garlic is known for the various medicinal benefits it has. It is a natural antibacterial and antibiotic agent making it very effective on body rashes among other conditions appertaining to the skin. This is a perfect natural remedy for body rashes and it is effective and inexpensive as well.

Treating body rash at home using garlic:
Take a few cloves of garlic and crush them. You can then add a little water to make a paste that can be easily applied to the skin. After applying the paste onto the affected area, let it stay on the area for at least 30 minutes before washing it off. Repeated use of garlic on the skin will eventually get rid of your rash and will also leave the skin feeling soft and looking beautiful.

Baking Powder

Properties:Almost everybody has this product in the kitchen and it is a wonderful home remedy for the cure and treatment of body rash. Baking powder is a sodium compound which is effective in treating rashes, blemishes and even pimples. It works by absorbing oils that are excessive as well as dead skin blocking your skin pores causing the rashes.

Treating body rash using baking powder:
With baking powder, all you have to do is dissolve at least two teaspoons in a little water and then apply the paste onto the area of infection. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes then rinse it off using clean water. Use a soft towel to pat and dry your skin. Continued use of baking powder will eventually dry off the rash thereby enhancing healing.

Another way of taking this natural bloating remedy is to grind it and add it to water. You can then boil the water before consuming to make it take effect more quickly.

Olive Oil

Properties: Olive oil has high contents of antioxidants and fatty acids which are monounsaturated. These properties are very beneficial to the body as they act as a protective measure against infections. This natural home remedy for curing body rashes has been proven to be effective.
Treating body rashes at home using olive oil:
Take a considerable amount of olive oil and gently massage it into the affected area. This is best effective when you first notice the body rashes developing on the skin. By applying it for a few days, you will eventually effectively treat the rashes.

Chamomile Tea

Properties:Chamomile has healing properties and is used widely to cure different health conditions. Apart from effectively dealing with body rashes, the tea is effective for indigestion, inflammations, menstrual cramps and even arthritis.
Treating body rashes at home using chamomile tea:
Using chamomile tea as a treatment for body rashes, wash the affected area using the tea to completely get rid of the rash. This can be done two or three times daily and repeated till the rash fades away completely.


Properties:Oatmeal effectively deals with body rashes because of its dermatological and healing properties. Individuals suffering from body rashes can use this remedy effectively treating them within a few days.

Treating body rashes at home using olive oil:
To effectively cure body rashes, add a cupful of oatmeal into your bath water and mix with chopped potatoes: potato also has the same properties as oatmeal. Stir the mixture properly and wash the affected area. This can be done daily for the treatment of body rashes as they relieve the irritation and enhance the drying of the rash hence healing.

Other Home Remedies for Body Rash:

Toothpaste is a good home remedy for body rashes when applied on the affected area. This is because it contains mint which cools the area thereby reducing pain and itching of the rashes.

Take a piece of cloth and soak it thoroughly in a basin containing a mixture of water and calcium. When applied onto the area, the mixture will reduce reddening and irritation of the rash enhancing healing.

Smear almond oil onto the affected area and let it stay for some time before washing it off. Repeat this daily till your rash completely fades away.

Vitamin C helps the skin stay healthy and therefore it is important to increase your intake of foods which contain this vitamin. Citrus fruits are the best and will leave your skin soft and glowing.

Wrap ice cubes with a piece of cloth and place them on the rash. This acts as a cooler for the rash which reduces the body rash and the itchiness that comes with it. This is a very simple remedy for the treatment of body rashes.

You can also drink milk mixed with turmeric to relieve itching and the body rash in general. The turmeric can be found in powder form making it easy to use.

Comfrey leaves are also very effective in the curing of body rashes. You can put the leaves into calcium water and dip a piece of cloth into it then placing it onto the affected area. You only need to put a table spoon of calcium gluconate powder in water then put the leaves into the mixture before the application.

Severe heat is known to cause body rashes and it does not help to cover or bandage the blisters which develop because of this. You should let the rashes have enough fresh air by leaving them exposed for quicker healing.

Apart from using baking soda in your bathing water, you can dust the affected area using it after taking a cold shower. Talcum and cornstarch powders are also very effective in treating body rashes. Excessive moisture and oil will be absorbed effectively hence healing the rash.

Prepare a puree using chaparral, yellow dock root and dandelion and use a cheesecloth or bandage to secure the puree onto the affected area. This is a simple but effective natural remedy for body rash.

To completely dry and remove rashes, mix oatmeal with milk and then rub the mixture onto the skin. Chamomile flowers added to boiling water and then used in bathing is also a very effective home remedy for body rashes.

Yellow mud pastes can also be applied onto the skin to dry and soothe the sores. Regularly doing this will eventually get rid of your rash leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Red mud is a good remedy as well since it reduces the redness and itching of the body rash.

Make a paste using zinc oxide, boric acid and coconut oil and apply it on the area of infection. This will completely and effectively cure body rash.

Coconut oil can also be used together with camphor to relax and cool irritating rashes. Apply the moisture and let it sit for a few minutes before you wash it off.

Add a little water with alum and rub it on the rashes to completely cure them. This also works wonders for sunburns and other skin conditions.

Diet for Body Rash:

Body rash can be very uncomfortable and irritating because of the pricking and the itching that comes with it. This can leave you feeling restless and sickly. Diet is one major thing which when observed can bring a lot of relief into the lives of those suffering from body rash.

Take food rich in Vitamin C since it is known to be very effective in curing and healing body rash. The antioxidants found in foods such as citrus fruits have healing properties and are effective on rashes.

Avoid all foods which cause allergic reactions in your body as well as those which make your body itch. Foods such as pizzas, yoghurt and pickles are notorious for causing rashes and therefore it is advisable to cut down their intake.

Canned foods which contain chemical preservatives should also be avoided. Instead, it is good to eat cucumber and tomatoes which help the body to cool off.

To maintain body coolness and hydration, drink lots of fruit juice and water. This will help prevent body rash.

Eat grapes, citrus and oranges as they contain Vitamin C. This is a good way of fighting rashes. Zinc effectively fights rash and should be put into your daily diets.

Spicy foods are known to cause infections and aggravate pain and it is therefore essential to keep off such.

Eating foods which have long expired also cause allergic reactions in the form of rash and should therefore be avoided at all times. At the same time avoid exposing yourself to too much sunlight especially if you are sensitive to too much heat.

After observing the kind of food you eat, avoid wearing clothes made of fabrics which hinder proper perspiration as well as evaporation of the same. Clothes which are too constrictive should also be avoided. It is very important to wear clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable. Cotton clothes are best especially in humid and hot weather conditions.

Another way of keeping body rash at bay is maintaining a healthy weight. Overweight people sweat more exposing their bodies to too much heat which in turn causes rashes.

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