Home Remedies For Congestion

Congestion means crowding which in turn causes blockage. There are various types of congestion which include nasal, head and chest congestion. All these types of congestion bring about blockages causing serious issues such as inflammation. When mucus crowd in one place they cause the blockages and you may experience heaviness in your head, chest and nose. In most cases, nasal congestion leads to chest and head congestion meaning they are related in some way.

Among the symptoms you will experience when faced with congestion are labored breathing, chest tightness, a cough that is deep and congested, difficulty in swallowing, swelling of the lips and sometimes difficulty in talking as a result of thickness of the tongue. The major cause of nasal congestion is membrane swelling caused by blood vessels that are inflamed, and this could end up interfering with the ears and the eyes making it hard to sleep or causing one to snore. Other causes include stress, common cold, influenza and food allergies.

There are several natural home remedies that have been proven to be effective in relieving congestion. The home remedies for congestion are considered safe and much more effective than the drugs acquired from over the counter besides being inexpensive and simple to achieve and use.

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Home Remedies for Congestion

Oregano Oil as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties:The beneficial compounds found in oregano oil are important in strengthening the human immune system, making it a very commendable natural home remedy for congestion. It has been used for a long time in the treatment of sinus and has proved to be excellent every time.

Treating congestion using oregano oil:
To effectively deal with congestion, all you have to do is mix three drops or at least two drops of the oil with juice and then drink the mixture. This can be taken once daily with the results expected within the first three to five days of drinking the mixture. This is one of the very best home remedies you can use for the treatment and cure of congestion.

Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties: The tea tree has remained to be a great herb for medicinal purposes because of the natural curing and healing properties it has. It contains agents which effectively cure infections from viruses, bacteria and fungus, making it very good for the relief of congestion. It has been used in treating various conditions and is still widely used for the same healing and curing purposes.

Treating congestion using tea tree oil:
Simply take the tea tree oil and add 3 or four drops into a cupful of boiling water. After adding the drops into the water, position yourself in a way that you can inhale the vapor for around 10 minutes. Apart from experiencing instant relief, all the symptoms and crowding will be completely dealt with within a few days of inhaling the vapor.

Eucalyptus as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties:The antiseptic and healing properties of the eucalyptus have to its fame the treatment of various conditions, especially those affecting the respiratory system. The plant’s oil is very good at reducing congestion symptoms as it works on the mucus membranes and the receptors found in the membranes.

Treating congestion using eucalyptus oil:
The very best way of treating congestion using the plant is getting the oil and adding a few drops into boiling water and then inhaling the steam for around 10 minutes. Fresh leaves of eucalyptus can be added into boiling water and allowed to steep for a few minutes. The sufferer can then position himself onto the basin containing the water and leaves and cover himself well, and then inhale the fumes to effectively treat congestion.

Echinacea as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties: This herb contains compounds which stimulate white blood cell production, thereby accelerating maturation of the same after which they move fast to the infected area to start fighting the body invaders.

Home Remedies for congestion using Echinacea:
To clear any kind of congestion you could be experiencing, you can brew tea using the herb and drink at least 3 cups daily for about 5 days. You will get relief within the very first few days of drinking the tea effectively treating and curing congestion.

Horseradish as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties: Horseradish is very beneficial as it contains compounds which have a soothing effect as well as antiseptic properties which are effective in relieving congestion. The aroma of the herb loosens mucus, thereby allowing the fast relief and eventual treatment of congestion among treating other conditions.

Treating congestion using horseradish:
You can effectively use horseradish in the treatment of congestion by grating it and taking 2 teaspoonfuls and adding them into honey or apple vinegar. Take the mixture and let it sit on the tongue before you take a long, deep breath to allow the aroma reach the depths of your lungs and nose areas. You will be amazed by the fast results this home remedy will give you.

Apple Vinegar as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties: Apple vinegar has been in use for the longest time in treating various conditions thanks to the various great properties it has. The vinegar has healing properties which have proven to be very good in dealing with congestion and other conditions of the respiratory and digestive systems.

Home Remedies for congestion using apple vinegar

Simply add the apple extracts to horseradish paste and inhale the fumes to effectively cure congestion. You can achieve this by also adding a few spoonfuls of the vinegar into a heating pan and inhale the fumes till the vinegar is well exhausted.

Black Pepper as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties: The antiseptic and soothing compounds found in black pepper have made it one of the very best and simplest home remedies of treating congestion. It works very well with various conditions of the respiratory system even though it may not be recommended for most digestive system conditions.

Treating congestion using black pepper:
Take black pepper seeds and bake them over a fire. You can then take three or four of the baked seeds in the morning to get relief from congestion. Alternatively, you can burn the seeds and inhale the fumes to treat congestion effectively.

Garlic as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties: The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the garlic are what make it stand out in the treatment of various conditions attacking the human body. This home remedy definitely gives fast relief to people suffering from all kinds of congestion and is simple to use.

Natural Remedies for congestion using garlic:
Make garlic and tomato soup by boiling 3 tomatoes in a cupful of water and then adding garlic paste into it. You can also add butter and black pepper powder to make the remedy more effective. To improve the taste, add a little salt to it and drink the soup three times daily.

Cardamom Seeds as a Natural Remedy for Congestion

Properties: Cardamom seeds have nutrients and minerals which are very effective in dealing with congestion, especially in children. The seeds are very beneficial not just in treating various conditions but also in keeping the body strong and healthy thereby making it resistant to most infections.

Treatment for congestion using cardamom seeds:
Simply take a few seeds of cardamom and burn them, then inhale the smoke that comes from the burning. The seeds are best burnt in hot coal than in an open flame.

Other Home Remedies for Congestion

Take carom seeds and make a powder by grinding them. Tie the seeds or the powder using a clean cotton cloth and then place this near the pillow as you go to sleep. Inhaling the powder or the aroma will give you fast relief from congestion.

Use lukewarm water and mix enough grape juice then inhale the mixture. The process should be done every morning and the last thing before you go to bed to effectively cure congestion within a few days.

Take peppermint oil and put a few drops on a cotton ball, then inhale this. The peppermint essence will loosen mucus and get rid of it, thereby dealing with congestion effectively.

Take a glass of water and add a pinch of salt into it, then add this in a clean bottle that is free of any bacteria. After cooling, take a dropper and squeeze a few drops of the solution into your nostrils to loosen mucus, relieving the congestion you could be experiencing.

You can also use aromatherapy as an effective home remedy for congestion. Essential oils such as menthol and camphor are wonderful in dealing with congestion when rubbed on the cheat area or added to steaming water and the fumes inhaled. Apart from treating congestion, this remedy is effective in dealing with colds and coughs, among other conditions.

Take a steam bath to relieve symptoms of congestion and to open up blocked airways, reducing your suffering. You can also rub eucalyptus oil onto your throat and chest area when going to bed to treat congestion and other conditions like coughs and colds. The oil works by loosening phlegm, thereby improving the general functioning of your lungs.

Add Vicks into boiling or steaming water and inhale the fumes as a simple remedy for congestion. This remedy has been in use for a long time as it has proven to be very effective.

Go for a chest massage to increase blood circulation, tone the nervous system and strengthen your chest muscles, keeping your lungs, heart and chest clear of any kind of blockage. You can also achieve this by applying heat on the chest to relax the chest muscles.

You can also eliminate congestion by taking foods which are high in Vitamin C, thereby strengthening the entire immune system and helping it fight the flu and colds, among other common infections.

It helps to drink lots of hot beverages including herbal teas to help clear blocked airways, thereby reducing congestion. Sipping hot milk, coffee and tea is also very helpful in mucus loosening.

Add an extra pillow under your neck when sleeping to keep you in an elevated position to assist proper breathing and loosen mucus, improving your breathing.

Use baking soda by adding a tablespoon to a salt solution and drink the mixture to get rid of congestion, especially that affecting the nose. This mixture works by loosening the mucus inside the nose.

Place moist and hot compresses under your eyes, making sure you cover the nose, to drain any mucus within the sinuses. You can also press the roof of your mouth using your tongue or pressing the area in between the eyes to make drainage of mucus better and more effective.

Tale lots of pungent or spicy foods, or drink chicken soup that is laced with the spices to clear blocked airways. Spices remain to be great home remedies for congestion and other conditions of the respiratory system.

Take ginger root and grind it before cooking it in sweet wine. After straining it take sips of this mixture on a daily basis to effectively treat congestion. Another great remedy that is known to work wonders is adding some honey in lemon grass juice in equal portions and then drinking this once daily. You can also mix the honey with some brandy to take care of most respiratory system conditions.

Take lots of gooseberries and oranges which are high in Vitamin C to help in fighting infections and hence at restoring good health.

Diet and Precautions for Congestion

The very first thing you should ensure is that you take meals that are well balanced in terms of covering all food groups and taking enough water and beverages throughout the day. This recommendation is important when one is in a healthy state or is suffering from various ailments or conditions.

Increase you fruit intake, especially those which are mildly sweet and sour. The best fruits include grapefruit, lime, lemon, pineapple, cranberry, apple and papaya. You can take this and other dried fruits in good amounts.

Eat green leafy vegetables that are baked or steamed. If possible, try to eat them as raw as you can manage to make sure you get all the essential nutrients and minerals.

Make sure that your meals consist of enough grains and cereals which have light and dry quality. Among the grains and cereals you should eat is amaranth, buckwheat, millet, brown rice, corn, barley and popped grains.

Increase your legume intake and ensure that they are well cooked using warming or spicy herbs such as ginger. The best legumes to include in your diet are kidney bean, soy, split pea, lentil and mung.

Eat seeds and nuts that are well dried and have light moderation. You can, for instance, take pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

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