Home Remedies for Blood in Urine

About Blood in Urine

Haematuria is the medical term for the disorder Blood in Urine. The presence of blood in urine may be in small (in some cases, only using the microscope can predict the presence of red blood cells) or large amount. This occurs if there is bleeding in any part of urinary tract like bladder, urethra, kidneys etc. It is more common in men than women. Also, mostly, adults are more affected by this disorder than kids.

Symptoms of Blood in Urine

Blood in Urine disorder has the following symptoms.

  • Pain in the loins
  • Fever
  • Pain in back
  • Bleeding from other sites
  • Vomiting sensation
  • Urine with pus
  • Protein in Urine (identified by microscopic tests)
  • Weight reduction
  • Loss of appetite
  • Frequent urination

Factors which lead to Blood in Urine

The following are the factors which lead to Blood in Urine.

  • Sharp stone in kidneys
  • Inflammations caused in urethra or urinary bladder
  • Kidney cancers
  • Prolonged kidney disorders like polycystic kidney disease
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Sickle cell disorder
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Prolonged use of catheters

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  4. Other Precautions

Home Remedies for Blood in Urine

Cucumber as Home Remedy for Blood in Urine

Cucumber Properties: Cucumber is typically high in water content and low in calorie content. It is one of best home remedies for detoxification and purifying the blood by removing uric acid. It is also suitable for diabetic patients. It is laxative in nature. It is also a best cure for gastric problems in intestines. It is enriched with Vitamin E and minerals.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Cucumber:
Cucumber can be taken in any form like juice and salad. It will effectively control the blood in urine.

Drumstick as Home remedy for Blood in Urine

Drumstick Properties: Drumstick plays a vital role as a natural remedy for curing many diseases in Indian systems of medicine. The leaves and pods are rich in carotene, phosphorous, calcium and Vitamin C. It is well-known for its cleansing and anti bacterial and therapeutic values making it effective in curing many health ailments. It strengthens the bones. Being rich in iron content, it enhances the quality of blood. It is also a powerful cure for digestion disorders.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Drumstick:
One can make gravy by using the leaves and pods of Drumstick. Juice of fresh leaves can be mixed with carrot or cucumber juice, or prepare a soup out of its leaves and get cured of Blood in Urine.

Bitter Gourd as Home remedy for Blood in Urine

Bitter Gourd Properties: Being one of the natural remedies for curing diabetes, bitter gourd is enriched with Vitamin B, minerals, calcium, and phosphorous. It is good for eradicating round worms from stomach. It heals cough and liver disorders. Its anti-microbial property helps it to cure infected wounds.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Bitter Gourd:
Wash fresh bitter gourd in salt water to remove its bitterness. Then blend with water to make a juice. The intake of this juice will reduce the blood in urine.

Green Bananas as Home remedy for Blood in Urine

Green Bananas Properties: Bananas are enriched with Vitamins A, B6 and C, other minerals and carbohydrates. It is a most powerful home remedy for diarrhea and jaundice. It has high calorific values. Thus bananas are good for growing children. It is an excellent cure for hypertension, gastric problems. Being rich in tannins, it is astringent in nature. It is a best cure for hair fall due to the presence of zinc.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Bananas:
Prepare smoothie using green bananas. Consumption of this smoothie daily will be a cure for Blood in Urine. One can also eat one banana per day for a week to get rid of this disorder

Beetroot as Home remedy for Blood in Urine

Beetroot Properties: Garden beet, popularly known as the beetroot is a juicy vegetable. Greek and Romans considered it the best among the natural remedies for curing many health ailments. It is rich in flavonoids, niacin, amino acids and Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. It is nutritive, rejuvenatory and also a stimulant. It is one of the best cures for tumors. It increases the red blood cell count.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Beetroot:
Grated beetroot in the form of salad can be consumed. Also prepare a mock-tail using beet root juice, apple juice and carrot juice. This is among the best natural remedies for Blood in Urine.

Sugarcane as Home remedy for Blood in Urine

Sugarcane Properties: Sugarcane is a highly recommended natural remedy for rejuvenating the liver. It normalizes the vitiation of blood. Sugarcane is highly rich in iron and carbohydrate. It is also diuretic in nature and detoxifies the kidney. According to Ayurveda, its cooling properties help to increase the sperm count. It relieves constipation and increases lactation.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Sugarcane:
Prepare juice of sugarcane and consume daily. It is an inexpensive cure for Blood in Urine. Make sure the juice is pure.

Pomegranate as Home remedy for Blood in Urine

Pomegranate Properties: Pomegranate is rich in fiber and low in cholesterol. It is a powerful cure for cancer, high blood pressure and also strengthens the arteries. It is an antioxidant and purgative by nature. It also heals urine problems and ulcers.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Pomegranate:
Peel off the outer skin of the fruit. Prepare juice using the inner sacs. Drink this juice daily for a week to reduce the blood in urine. Also the juicy sacs can be consumed raw.

Gooseberry as Home remedy for Blood in Urine

Gooseberry Properties: Gooseberry, commonly known as Amla in India, has high healing values. The presence of Vitamin C in it enables it to strengthen the immune system. Amla is a valuable ingredient in natural remedies for curing many diseases. It effectively controls blood sugar levels. It is an excellent revitalizer and its antibiotic nature controls bacillary infections.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Gooseberry:
Mix half a tsp of Amla powder with a cup of water. Intake of this mixture twice daily will heal the blood in urine disorder.

Cranberry as Natural remedy for Blood in Urine

Cranberry Properties: Cranberry is an efficient emulsifier of fat. It also flushes out E. coli bacteria which are responsible for Urinary Tract Infection. It also heals respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and dental plaque. It is highly antimicrobial in nature.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Cranberry:
Juice extracted from cranberry will do wonders to cure Blood in Urine disorders. Consumption of this juice everyday is one of the most common home remedies for treating these disorders.

Goldenseal as Natural remedy for Blood in Urine

Goldenseal Properties: Goldenseal herb derives its healing properties from its alkaloid nature. It is also antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. It is one of the well known home remedies for many diseases ranging from ulcers to genitourinary infections. It is stimulant by nature. It is the best cure for cold and fever.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Goldenseal:
Goldenseal root powder combats the E. coli bacteria which play a vital role in causing blood in urine.

Grapefruit as Natural remedy for Blood in Urine

Grapefruit Properties: Grapefruit is native to Jamaica. It is rich a source of Vitamin C, potassium, iron, minerals, calcium, and beta carotene. Grapefruits are high in fiber content and have low calorie value. It has bio-flavanoids which makes it one of the best cures for cancer and heart ailments. Pectin in grapefruit controls the blood cholesterol. It is anti inflammatory by nature.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Grapefruit:
Prepare a juice of pink grapefruit. Consumption of this juice daily will reduce the blood in urine.

Horsetail as Natural remedy for Blood in Urine

Horsetail Properties: Horsetail is widely used to promote coagulation. It is one of the finest natural remedies for cystitis. It rejuvenates the tissues, relieves the joint pains, improves the calcium absorption in body. Decoction of horsetail can be used as a remedy for problems like nail-splitting and hair fall. It eliminates the fat deposits in arteries and improves the cardiovascular functions. It is diuretic and astringent by nature.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Horsetail:
Steep a handful of horsetail herb in a cup of water. Filter and drink it. This will combat the bacteria which cause blood in the urinary tract.

Spinach as Natural remedy for Blood in Urine

Spinach Properties: Spinach is a low calorie food, packed with a range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fiber etc. It is used as an effective natural remedy for diabetes, makes the immune system stronger and is also an excellent detoxifier. The high fiber content stops constipation and colon cancer.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Spinach:
Make a cup of juice from a handful of spinach. The intake of this juice daily will eliminate the blood in urine. Also mixing this juice with coconut water and radish leaf juice will cure such infections effectively. This is the finest home remedy for blood in urine.

Chamomile as Natural remedy for Blood in Urine

Chamomile Properties: It is used for curing various diseases like nausea, indigestions, fever, colds etc. It also heals allergies, and skin irritations, does wonders for curing ulcers and diarrhea. Being diuretic in nature, this herb will purify the blood. It is also analgesic and anti-spasmodic in nature. It is available as tincture for external use.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using Chamomile:
Massage the abdomen with chamomile oil extract to reduce inflammation.

White Pumpkin as Natural remedy for Blood in Urine

White Pumpkin Properties: Pumpkin is rich in fiber content and an excellent remedy for diseases like Ascites and blood vomiting. Enriched with Vitamin B1 and fatty oil, it is a tonic, and stomachic, laxative and digestive by nature. It is anti-inflammatory and a wonderful tonic for brain and stomach.

Treatment for Blood in Urine using White Pumpkin:
Blend equal quantities of white pumpkin and sugarcane to get a fine juice. The intake of this juice will eradicate the blood in urine issue.

Other Home remedies for Blood in Urine

Decoction of woolly grass rhizome and dried ginger along with honey and water should be consumed before the first meal and after last meal of the day to get rid of this ailment.

Mix 1 tsp of lemon juice in warm water and take this mixture every two hours a day to minimize the infection.

One tbsp of baking soda mixed with 8 oz of water will cure the infections caused by bacteria and fungi in the urinary tract.

Parsley leaves will reduce the inflammation greatly.

Spread cold poultice over the pelvic area to minimize the effect of the ailment.

Diet for Blood in Urine

Drink plenty of water.

Inclusion of Vitamin C enriched food items in every meal is a must for combating blood in urine.

Keep away from caffeine and tea for treating this ailment.

Consumption of cheese is prohibited in the diet for Haematuria

Avoid chocolates.

Foods prepared using artificial sweeteners should strictly be avoided from the diet for preventing blood in urine.

Inclusion of leafy vegetables and fruits will be a perfect diet for those suffering from blood in urine.

Meat soup is an excellent diet for this disorder.

Other Precautions against Blood in Urine

Avoid alcohols.

Avoid smoking.

Don’t give much pressure to pelvic area.

Avoid stressful exercises.

Clean the private areas every time after urinating.

Whenever one feels like urinating, urinate immediately. Don’t hold it back as it may lead to infections of the urinary tract.

Avoid intercourse during infections as this may put more pressure on the urinary tract and the infection may spread to the partner as well.

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