Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

About Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are the wear, erosion or loss of a very thin and delicate skin which can be seen as a membrane inside the mouth. Mouth ulcers are very disturbing conditions as they can cause bad breath if care is not taken. Since they cause great pain and discomfort, a person suffering from mouth ulcers may be compelled to eat or drink only certain foods such as cold, non sugary or watery foods depending on the nature of the infection. It’s advisable to look for medical or natural remedies for this ailment well before the condition progresses, as it can have severe consequences.

There are various causes for mouth ulcers among them being the food we eat. There are certain foods that cause this condition, especially fruits that have high acidity levels like lemon. There have been some studies which have shown that mouth ulcers have been greatly caused by drugs, infectious diseases like thrush and not forgetting chemicals which are found in food or water. Mouth injuries such as biting the cheeks while drinking, chewing or talking, have a major hand in most cases of mouth ulcers. There is some connection between sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and AIDS and development of mouth ulcers. A person suffering from cancer especially lip cancer can get mouth ulcers. Poor hygiene is another contributor of mouth ulcers although most people are not aware of it. It’s therefore good to look well in advance for the best natural remedies for mouth ulcers.

There are various ways one can determine whether he/she has mouth ulcers. One of the major signs of a person having mouth ulcers is the presence of sores inside the mouth which are generally round in shape. The mouth becomes very tender and brings discomfort while chewing or brushing the teeth. Another symptom associated with mouth ulcers is that the skin around the sore looks as if it’s swollen, and this becomes worse when one eats salty food and any food that has spices in it. Eating citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon and also drinking hot water can cause irritation. A person suffering from this condition may lack appetite due to irritation when chunks of food rub the sores. However apart from medical treatments there are various avenues of home remedies for mouth ulcer that can be used to treat this condition.

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Home remedies for mouth ulcers

Holy basil as a home remedy for mouth ulcers

Holy basil Properties: This plant is among the most trusted natural remedies for treating both stomach and mouth ulcers. It has a property that prevents sores from swelling and also from spreading to other parts of the mouth. The plant has very beneficial properties that prevent any irritation after drinking or eating sour or salty foods and drinks. It has been in use for ages especially in Japan and various parts of China. If used well, basil plants can offer you a permanent solution to mouth as well as stomach ulcers.

Use of holy basil as a cure for mouth ulcers:
The leaves of the plant are most effective in treating this condition. Pluck few leaves of the plant, wash them well to removes traces of germs and dust. Then chew them two times a day especially in the morning and in the evening before retiring to bed. Continue until the condition disappears, which normally takes two to three weeks if used continuously.

Mulberry juice as home remedy for stomach ulcers

Mulberry juice Properties: Mulberry juice is a very useful home remedy for treating this condition due to its properties that repair the membrane tissue found in the mouth. The juice has also some properties that make the skin strong and resistant to various conditions or environments that can cause it to wear out. Mulberry juice has a very useful property that supports the development and maintenance of the lower layers of skin in the mouth. Since people suffering from the condition also suffer bad breath, mulberry juice relieves this effect.

Use of mulberry juice as treatment for stomach and mouth ulcers:
Look for ripe mulberry fruits although they should not be over ripe. Wash them with plenty of water to remove any dust or germs. Dry them in the shade to remove the moisture and then crush them to collect the juice. Mix the juice with water in ratio of 1: 3 glasses of the juice to water. Drinking two glasses of mulberry juice daily at regular intervals will ease the problem if used continuously for a period of three weeks. Mulberry juice is among the most effective and commonly used home remedies for mouth ulcers.

Coconut milk as a natural remedy for mouth ulcers

Coconut milk Properties: Coconut is among the most effective natural remedies for treating this condition and has been in use for ages especially in South America in treating ulcers. It is believed that coconut has some very important properties that help in the growth of the skin inside the mouth. It also helps in fighting bad breath associated with mouth ulcers thus relieving a person from the agony of speaking in the public. The remedy is also very useful in preventing the sores from spreading to other areas in the mouth. Besides, coconut milk has some property that helps in curbing the mouth skin from being tender.

Use of coconut milk as a cure for mouth ulcers:
Look for fully grown coconut as it has plenty of these properties needed to treat mouth ulcers. Crush it in an enclosed place where you can collect the milk. You can also opt to pierce it and then suck out the milk using a syringe. Mix the coconut milk with honey in the ratio of 5: 1 respectively. In order for the concoction to mix well, heat it for few minutes and then stir it well. Take a clean cotton cloth, dip into the mixture and use it to massage the gums as well as other parts of the mouth thrice a day. It is recommended not to eat for one hour after having the massage so as to allow the remedy to work. Use of this remedy can show positive results after two weeks of use.

Coriander seed as a natural remedy for mouth ulcers

Coriander seed Properties: The plant has been in use for ages as treatment for mouth ulcers especially in China and a number of Asian countries and has been regarded as an effective home remedy for this condition. The seeds of this plant help to relieve the soreness of the mouth skin. It has also some very important properties that help in relieving the tenderness in the mouth. The plant has some properties that help to dry the sore thus the irritation effect is diminished when eating warm food or drinking any sour fluids. The plant plays a very big role in relieving bad breath which has been a major concern to patients suffering from this condition.

Use of coriander as a treatment for mouth ulcers:
The seeds of this plant are very effective in treating this condition. Take one teaspoonful of coriander seeds and then mix with one cup of clean water. Warm the mixture for few minutes until water turns color but don’t let it boil. Stir the mixture well to make sure that the required properties are excreted from the seeds. Drink the concoction and then gargle it in the mouth for few seconds. It’s advisable not to swallow the solution as it can have some very bad effect on the stomach lining. You should gargle with the solution for not more than four times a day which will help to relieve the condition in two weeks or so.

Marigold as a natural remedy for mouth ulcers

Marigold Properties: Marigold plant is among the commonly used natural remedies for treating this condition especially by the Chinese. The plant has some properties that help in curing minor cuts, insect bites, cracked skin, and other minor injuries. The herb plays a major role in easing the tenderness of the skin inside the mouth. The herb is very beneficial in helping the skin to remain strong and resistant to some foods, drinks and chemicals which cause irritating effect and spread of the ulcers to other areas in the mouth, helps the sores to become dry and also controls the swelling of tissue around the sores.

Use of marigold as cure for mouth ulcers:
Make a tea using the herb but it should not have milk. The petals of the plant are the best in treating this condition as they have the largest quantity of the beneficial properties. Two spoonfuls of dried marigold plant are enough for making tea. Allow it to cool down but not becoming too cold. Drink the tea and gargle for a few seconds but be cautious not to swallow it. Gargling three times a day is enough for the treatment of mouth ulcers where positive results are seen after ten days of use.

Indian gooseberry as a home remedy for mouth ulcers

Indian gooseberry Properties: The herb has a renowned history of use in treating mouth ulcers for ages in India. The plant is considered to be among the best home remedies in treating mouth ulcers, tenderness and other mouth related illness. The herb contains some properties that help in relieving the tenderness in the mouth as well as curbing bad breath resulted from mouth ulcers. The herb offers benefits to the sores by making them dry and curbing the swelling of the skin around the ulcers. Not only that, Indian gooseberry helps in relieving the irritation effect caused by drinking sour liquids and also food that have irritating effect. If you have a problem with your daily diet for stomach ulcers, then Indian gooseberry will offer a solution to this.

Use of Indian gooseberry as a treatment for mouth ulcers:
Look for the Indian gooseberry plant bark. Wipe it well to remove dust and other particles that may be on it. Then grind the bark well into a fine powder. It is good to look for moderately grown Indian goose berry plant to make this remedy as either overgrown or under grown will not offer the best quality remedy. Mix the powder with honey as the powder is very bitter if used alone. Apply the paste on the affected area using a clean cotton material. It’s advisable not to eat or drink any water for one hour after applying the paste.

Other home remedies for mouth ulcers

Among the most useful and commonly found home remedies for treating mouth ulcers is peppermint oil. The oil relieves the tenderness of the mouth, relieves pain and controls the irritation effect brought by eating or drinking sour and rich food and drink.

Tomato juice is another important natural remedy for treating this condition due to its properties that relieve tenderness in the mouth.

Tea made from tea-tree oil also plays a big role in containing the soreness of the mouth. It also controls the infection of the sore from bacterial attack which is very important in curbing the spread and attack of ulcers and other ailments. The oil should be applied directly to only the affected areas, and not unaffected areas, as it has a scorching effect. If the oil is applied continuously for two weeks the ulcers will disappear. Tea from tree oil is common natural remedy for mouth ulcers since it’s cheap and the cure for this condition will take only a matter of days.

Another important remedy that can be used to speed up the treatment for this condition is golden seal. The liquid offers the best properties that control bad breath and also curb the formation of pus-like substances in the mouth. Golden seal liquid also helps in controlling the tenderness of the mouth and also hardens the mucous membrane in the mouth, and plays a major role in controlling the infection of the sores by bacteria and other germs. The liquid should be applied in the mouth one hour before having a meal or drinking beverages. If used properly, the oil will offer you a lasting solution to mouth ulcers and other infections associated with them.

Diet for mouth ulcers

Fruits offer the best diet for this condition due to the fact that they have least abrasive qualities to the sore. Make sure that your daily meal has fruits, although they should have low acidity content. Fruits such as lemons, grapes, apples, oranges, mangoes plums among other food should be eaten only when the condition disappears. You can gauge the acidity level of each fruit and the ones with neutral PH should be consumed as they don’t cause irritation. It’s essential to have some fruits together with home remedies for this condition as they interact and give better benefits if used together.

Vegetables are another good diet for a person with mouth ulcers due to their less abrasive qualities. Fresh vegetables are considered to be best as their acidity level is very low compared to canned or processed ones.

Fresh grains also play a major role in the health of a person suffering from mouth ulcers due to their less abrasive nature. When choosing your diet for this condition ensure that fresh grains such as maize are present in the meal.

You should also ensure that you eat meals that are full of nutrients so as to increase the functioning of the immune system but meals that have higher acidity levels are not a good diet for mouth ulcers. Foods rich in vitamin C are regarded as the best for the growth of mouth membranes although most sources of this nutrient are citrus fruits, so there is a need to look for alternatives sources of this vitamin.

Frequent consuming of banana is good diet for a person suffering from mouth ulcers as they play a very big role in easing the tenderness of the mouth. Ripe bananas offer the best cure for this condition but even raw cooked bananas do play a great role.

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